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devblog RAGE Multiplayer 0.3.2 Announcement

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Hello everyone!

Thanks for joining us in another release announcement for RAGE Multiplayer. We are aware of prolonged radio silence on our end and we once again apologize for it. However, we come with good news. We've been hard at work behind the scenes implementing new features, improving existing ones and getting rid of bugs. Furthermore, we've also been hard at work getting our first stable build of our highly anticipated bridge out! With this announcement, we'd like to formally introduce RAGE Multiplayer 0.3.2 and reveal the C# API bridge.

We'd like to thank everyone for their support that keeps us developing! We would also like to thank the people that have been contributing to our Wiki and our translations. A big shout out to you guys!


C# API aka "Bridge 2.0" reveal

RAGE Multiplayer is now officially powered with GTA Network's API. We've essentially recreated GTA Network's server environment and reformed it into RAGE Multiplayer's server environment to allow for a seamless transition of resources. As a bonus, cross-platform capability is still on board thanks to open-source .NET Core 2.0.


Most of GTA Network's API has already been implemented, you can follow and check out the changelog at the wiki via



Key changes:

  • Vehicle customization API has been enhanced
  • Event system has been reimplemented introducing new APIs to manage events
  • Entity constructors are much more friendly and functional now
  • TextLabels were implemented
  • A bunch of new events has been added
  • Added synchronized data
  • Streamer API
  • Player API has been seriously improved by added weapon management, additional customization features, and more functions
  • Per-entity events
  • Some syntax sugar based on ES6 features
  • NodeJS updated to 9.2.0 (the latest release at the moment)


For the more detailed changelog please visit:


Client-side (and server-side) API updates

  • Added client-side entity creation for all entity types. Constructors are same as serverside ones.
  • Vehicle handling customization API
  • CEF debugging introduced
  • Fixed some clientside API functions not working
  • Added possibility to manage vehicle entering
  • Some more miscellaneous APIs



  • Fixed a CEF bug when player had non-latin symbols in multiplayer path
  • Improved networking reliability
  • Fixed some entity types in server<-> triggers not sending
  • Fixed Object.rotation setter
  • Fixed vehicles reseting some information after changing its model



  • Traffic lights synchronization


  • Melee synchronization has been reimplemented





  • Ragdoll synchronization has been reimplemented (that also "fixes" ragdoll sync being buggy in special cases in DP1 - DP1P1)
  • Climb ladder sync has been reimplemented
  • Improved bullet sync reliability. Should be really notable for drive-by shooting, but for general shooting sync also.
  • Improved vehicle synchronization accuracy and smoothness
  • Fixed an aiming issue introduced in GTA V's 1.41 patch


  • Fixed miscellaneous synchronization issues introduced with 1.41 patch



  • Experimental: major netcode implementation/enhancements that reduce CPU usage and bandwidth usage.
  • Entity information sending and receiving performance was increased
  • Networking was improved
  • Server-side threading model was improved
  • Server-side streamer was reimplemented
  • Common client/server code optimizations



  • New translation mechanism was introduced. Check wiki for details.
  • Threaded model loading was improved
  • Added globally visible -1 dimension (works for all entities except players and vehicles)
  • Reimplemented vehicle entering mechanism. Now it's same as GTA Online, but also controllable by clientside scripting
  • Vehicle engine management improved
  • UI is not rendered at main menu anymore
  • Discord Rich Presence
  • Fixed lots of bugs you've reported to Bug Tracker. Thank you!


Release date

It's near! We're still working on making this changelog even richer by finishing unannounced features, but we proudly announce that public testing of 0.3.2 will begin within a week of this announcement being posted!



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Sync looks really good! Thank you for announcing the long anticipated bridge!

925406-200.pngMay we soon walk on a stable, solid piece of great work.

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