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    A peer-to-peer in-game proximity voice chat for RageMP developped for San Andreas Advanced Roleplay V. More info and download: here DISCLAIMER: This project is not near ready to release its first stable version, but as soon as it was presentable, I though it was best to put the code open source because of 2 reasons: for RageMP in general to improve, and for this plugin to develop faster. There is a lot of cleaning to do bare with me, I released this so bugs can be fixed, I do not expect you guys to clean my code. rt-2
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    New updates: + Added 1.41 support with its all content + Threaded model loading + New event: playerRuleTriggered(ruleType, counter). Available rule types: "ping", "fps", "packetLoss", "gameVersion". + Server tags + Fixed broken faces + New launcher translations: Romanian (thanks to Armyw0w), Chinese (thanks to FunnyMan), Portuguese (thanks to StreetGT); French translation was updated + Fixed player.heading setter + Fixed blinking health/armor bug + Fixed #6 + Fixed #14 + Fixed #15 + Fixed #1 Updates since 0.3 DP1 that were public before: + Improvements of in-game UI + Stability improvements + Spanish translation Linux server: https://cdn.rage.mp/lin/server Updater: https://cdn.rage.mp/client/updater.exe
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    You can purchase the game in few online stores. Take a look: https://wiki.rage.mp/index.php?title=Buy_Grand_Theft_Auto_V
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    OP you need to install NodeJS on your computer, once you've done that then you just use your Command Prompt on your computer (Windows Key + R, then type cmd) and then you need to change your directory using cd (EG. cd C:/Users/Default/Desktop/Server), once you're at your server folder then do npm install mysql
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    Только подумал: 'Ну наконец-то!!' А потом пригляделся к каждой картинке. Вам в каждом пункте надо изменить слово 'Сделано' на слово 'Нарисовано в фотошопе'
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    Hi, When we start the server, we can see that the default 'address' (not 'url') is, it might be fine for a lot of people, but I have 3 IP addresses on this machine and I would like to change that settings. I think this is why it returns my first IP to the master list, but I wanna use my 3rd. When I put "address" in the conf.json it doesnt changes it. Thank you, rt-2
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    Nous sommes dans une section française, à ce tire il faudrait peut-être faire des règles en français non ?
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    Did you install node.js https://nodejs.org/en/ ? What a problem do you have ?
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    As stated in the title, when I run ragemp_v.exe (as admin), the launcher shows up as completely black. Although random presses seemed to put me in a server, I cannot see anything. https://imgur.com/a/VA1TB
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    https://support.microsoft.com/ru-ru/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads - download and install, after start run upgrader.
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    I need your help. When i join any server and i press for example F1 i can't move my mouse cursor. I can see the cursor but it still coming back on the middle of the screen. Because of that i can't play on some servers especially freeroamservers. I can't spawn any vehicle or change my skin. Please help.
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    I installed latest Rage MP version and update for gta v 1.41. When i try to launch , got a loading screen, and gta v says nothing, it just closes. Please help me!
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    The RAGE:MP developers won't repair the map, but, a server developer could. (To some degree, with a lot of effort) However, server developers can load in the Ludendorff area, and teleport players there. That's not an issue.
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    Îmbunătățiri noi: + Client-ul suportă acum versiunea 1.41 cu tot conținutul lui. + Încărcarea modelelor se face separat + Nou eveniment: playerRuleTriggered(ruleType, counter). ruleTypes disponibile: "ping", "fps", "packetLoss", "gameVersion". + Tag-uri la servere + Problema cu fețele sparte rezolvată + Noi traduceri ale clientului: Română (mulțumită lui Armyw0w), Chineză (mulțumită lui FunnyMan), Portugheză (mulțumită lui StreetGT). Traducerea în Franceză a fost îmbunătățită. + Fixată problema cu setarea căștilor + Fixată problema cu clipirea vieți/armuri + Fixată problema #6 + Fixată problema #14 + Fixată problema #15 + Fixată problema #1 Imbunătățiri de la versiunea 0.3 DP1 care au fost publice înainte: + Îmbunătățiri ale interfaței în joc. + Imbunătățiri de stabilitate + Traducerea în spaniolă Linux server: https://cdn.rage.mp/lin/server Updater: https://cdn.rage.mp/client/updater.exe
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    Man this is the best web page and community blog I have ever seen. Rage.mp is better than FB( I mean all others ). You rock.
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    We didn't implemented traffic lights sync yet, but it'll will be implemented in first public release or in next releases.
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    лол, сейчас бы взять название от одного популярного проекта в samp'e и перенести его на gta5, приписывая ему все заслуги. Мод Брага пишет? Сомневаюсь.