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  1. roleplay Noxy Role Play

    На вики не запрещается оставлять свои контакты, никаких нарушений нет.
  2. [Help!] RageMP launcher menu appears as black?

    Is GTA V playable on Vista?
  3. player.vehicle.engine returning undefined

    That would work server-side, but your event is client-side. Client-side scripting has different API.
  4. New updates: + Added 1.41 support with its all content + Threaded model loading + New event: playerRuleTriggered(ruleType, counter). Available rule types: "ping", "fps", "packetLoss", "gameVersion". + Server tags + Fixed broken faces + New launcher translations: Romanian (thanks to Armyw0w), Chinese (thanks to FunnyMan), Portuguese (thanks to StreetGT); French translation was updated + Fixed player.heading setter + Fixed blinking health/armor bug + Fixed #6 + Fixed #14 + Fixed #15 + Fixed #1 Updates since 0.3 DP1 that were public before: + Improvements of in-game UI + Stability improvements + Spanish translation Linux server: https://cdn.rage.mp/lin/server Updater: https://cdn.rage.mp/client/updater.exe
  5. I can't call the event

    Are you sure that your events.js was executed?
  6. I have a question about chat.

    Well, we'll check it, but Bug Tracker is a better place for such questions.
  7. Vehicle code assignment (Vehicle ID) - (1.41 Update)

    It would be better to generate hashes at run-time from an array of vehicle names (at least it will be easier to update): let vehicle_dict = {}; function initHashes() { let vehicleNames = ["infernus", "infernus2", etc]; vehicleNames.forEach(name => { vehicle_dict[name] = mp.joaat(name); }); }
  8. Today we're glad to release Developer Preview #1 of RAGE Multiplayer 0.3. It was a long way and finally we reached our point. Developer Preview? What's that? Developer Preview means that we do this release mainly for server developers, to give them more cool possiblities to create their own dedicated servers. This build is missing Linux server and SDK, however it will be added before Developer Preview #2 gets released. How to start? Just download and start our updater. It will download the client to the selected folder then you will be able to launch client and server. More about the update: Known issues (we'll work on them, but if you have an interesting information about reproducing those issues or so, then you can create a bug report at bug tracker): Synchronization of melee fights and combat rolls is still experimental Faces of characters may be broken Passenger seats could be bugged sometimes In-Game UI could be hidden sometimes In-Game UI could not show error if connection attempt failed We kindly ask you to discuss bugs only at our bug tracker. Discussing them everywhere else will be not just useless, but also will take our time. GTA: Network resources support "Bridge" plugin that was announced week ago is almost ready, but we decided to delay its public release to have more better internal testing of this. Plugin should be rolled out with Developer Preview #2. Developer Preview #2? Yes, this update is planned to be released shortly, however we may release hotfixes in between of new Developer Previews. Useful links: Bug tracker: https://bt.rage.mp/mp/issues/issues Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145 .NET Framework 4.6.2: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=53344&desc=dotnet462 Windows 7 x64 Bit or Higher
  9. new board pt-br

    We don't. This is why there's no such section at the moment.
  10. Logo Suggestion for RAGE:MP

    Nice work, Aytef!
  11. Err_no_launcher

    Отсутствует hotfix #3.
  12. Displaying HTML -> without extendet Stuff

    I'd suggest you try to use "browser.active = toggle".
  13. Steam won't launch the game

    0.1 supports only 1.36 and 1.37.
  14. devblog 05.07: A new era (not a blog)

    "A new era" will not delay 0.2, our internal timelines are kept so C# shouldn't be a problem for current RAGE MP community.