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  1. Steam won't launch the game

    Where can i find patch to downgrade it ?
  2. Choose What Would you choose?

    For gaming I would choose high-end PC with Steam
  3. How to Install Rage MP?(Updated)

    Legit GTAV ? I'm not setting gamepath at all, and it works for me.
  4. Open this thread. You should also join Discord room, in which devs are more active about updates.
  5. How to Install Rage MP?(Updated)

    Can it be because they have older pirated version ?
  6. Steam has steam overlay (which is opened with shift+tab). Then playing GTAV singleplayer if you open this overlay, then GTAV is setting game speed to 0. Then you close Steam overlay, game continues normally. In GTA Online, this feature is disabled and then you press shift+tab, game doesn't stop. The problem is that Rage MP is acting like singleplayer and it means, that then I go to Steam overlay, then game speed goes 0proc. So RageMP should disable this game freezing feature, or better make serverside function which would allow to server freeze game stop. This game freezing is not a bug, it is normal singleplayer feature.
  7. Enter car passenger with G key.

    But it looks like, you cannot choose in which passenger seat to enter.
  8. Enter car passenger with G key.

    In SA-MP you can enter car with F and passenger seat with G. I think this is good practise. Can Rage:MP have this implemented ? I think that GTA V car seat entering with F only is cancerous. Who is with me ?