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  1. devblog 27.02: Announcement of 0.2

    Great Job!!!
  2. PED (Suggestion)

  3. PED (Suggestion)

    Hi/Hello Developers is this community have plan to add PED soon like in Steam version GTA 5 that we can randomly killed people ingame.
  4. "Client Automatically Closed"

    and BTW can i ask how to manage to own a server? just like built your own server and i only need a coding tools for scripting just like in SAMP SAMP have a Scripting section and have already Scripts example and Gamemodes i hope you understand sorry if my english is bad
  5. "Client Automatically Closed"

    Good day Guys, Im new on this community i would like to know what is the problem of my client if im starting to play in any GTA rageMP servers check this short short clip that i made.