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  1. devblog Announcing RAGE Multiplayer 0.3!

    Will the first public build be available for download here on the site or somewhere else? oh and will it be available for cracked versions?
  2. Every Announcment... Release Date: bruh
  3. Estimate date for release of 0.2?

    Feels like it
  4. I know the devs are done with seeing ''when will 0.2 release'' and all that,but i just want to know the estimate date,I've seen the roadmap for 0.2,and if I'm not mistaken there's still work to do on the UI of the launcher.Oh and I can't even play RageMP until 0.2 releases 'cause the game automatically closes,and the devs told me the problem is 0.2... Every day I check if there's at least a teaser or something when it will release,so at least an estimate date? ples?
  5. Failed to start GTAVLauncher.exe

    Thanks for helping,but I've alredy asked the devs and they said the same,and now it works But thank you taking your time to reply man.The only problem now that i have is when i join a server the game automatically crashes,the devs told me to wait for 0.2 Launcher
  6. Failed to start GTAVLauncher.exe

    I have the pirated version It's still not working
  7. Failed to start GTAVLauncher.exe

    Hello there,I am new to this whole thing,and I am having problems with the client. When i try to join a server it says 'Failed to start GTAVLauncher.exe '.I made sure my game path is correct and everything,I've even checked in the regedit,and nothing seems to be working.My game version is 1.36.