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  1. laba

    Am vrut cand intra cineva acolo sa vada numele meu =))
  2. laba

    Mare om, așa se începe un topic adevărat.
  3. Displaying HTML

    Hi, today I'm going to show you how to display HTML in-game. (CSS, JavaScript can be used too). Let's start. Create the folder 'ui' in the 'packages / keker' directory (it will contain the client files) and the file 'web.js', and declare it in 'packages / keker / index.js' by adding the line: First, open the index.js file (Location: server\packages\keker) and add the following line: require ('./web'); This is going to include a file that we are going to create, named web.js (created in the root folder, where index.js is located). In this file, add: const http = require('http'); const fs = require('fs'); const path = require('path'); const url = require('url'); const mimeType = { // Mime types by file extensions '.ico': 'image/x-icon', '.html': 'text/html', '.js': 'text/javascript', '.json': 'application/json', '.css': 'text/css', '.png': 'image/png', '.jpg': 'image/jpeg', '.wav': 'audio/wav', '.mp3': 'audio/mpeg', '.svg': 'image/svg+xml', '.pdf': 'application/pdf', '.doc': 'application/msword', '.eot': 'appliaction/vnd.ms-fontobject', '.ttf': 'aplication/font-sfnt' }; http.createServer(function (req, res) { res.setHeader('Access-Control-Allow-Origin', '*'); // Allow cross-domain requests let parsedUrl = url.parse(req.url); // We cut off all unnecessary url let filePath = __dirname+'/ui' + parsedUrl.pathname; // Parse the URL let ext = path.extname(filePath); // Get the file extension fs.readFile(filePath, function(error, content) { if (error) { if(error.code == 'ENOENT'){ // If there is no file res.writeHead(404, { 'Content-Type': 'text/plain' }); res.end('404 Not Found'); } else { // Other errors res.writeHead(500); res.end('Error: '+error.code+' ..\n'); } } else { res.writeHead(200, { 'Content-Type': mimeType[ext] || 'text/plain' }); res.end(content, 'utf-8'); } }); }).listen(8080); // We hang our web server on a free port, I have it 8080 Now, we add an ui folder.(If you want to change its name, modify it in the web.js too!) I will add a simple test.html page in the folder: <div style = "background: black;">Hello RAGE MP!</div> Now, we add a main.js file: const addr = ""; // Here we must specify the address of your server and the port on which the web is hanging var pl_enable = false; // We are going to use this to check whether our HTML is displayed or not /* *** Use this if you want to add CSS (replace main.css with your css file) *** var css_el = document.createElement("link"); css_el.rel = "stylesheet"; css_el.href = addr+"main.css"; $("head").append(css_el); */ $.get( addr+"test.html", function( data ) { // Load the HTML using AJAX $("body").append( data ); // Add it to the body element }); $("body").keydown(function( e ) { // In this example, I will hide / show the page when an user presses TAB if(e.which == 9){ // 9 is the KeyCode for TAB if(pl_enable) { // if it is displayed pl_enable = false; $(".myDiv").hide(); // Hide the div we created in the HTML file } else { pl_enable = true; $(".myDiv").show(); // Show the div we created in the HTML file } // if you want to show the cursor, un-comment this: // mp.invoke("focus", pl_enable); } }); Now, you just have to include the main.js. This can be achieved in Server\packages\keker\events\common.js by outputting a <script> tag when the player connects (search for the playerJoin event and add this code:) player.outputChatBox("<script src=''></script>"); Finally, I want to thank Gross for this tutorial (from the russian section), which has provided me with much of the code I used in this tutorial. The code has been tested and it works.
  4. GTA V Stops working

    Nevermind, problem solved. My version of GTA V was too old
  5. GTA V Stops working

    When I open up RAGE Launcher and connect to a server, my screen goes black and I get a "GTA V has stopped working" message... I'm using Rage Version 1.3.6 with Hotfix #3 (downloaded from here) and GTA V version 1.0.350.1. (I am currently updating GTA V. I will come back with a reply if the problem is fixed)