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  1. GTA V stopped working

    Hi man thx for your answer . I followed the steps of this tutorial and it says to put ragemp in the game folder -> Oh boi I asked a friend to download GTA while I'll check how to play online together, I assumed he took the right version but in fact it's the 1.0 We will join your side m7+1, right after the 35gb download
  2. GTA V stopped working

    Hi bois i'm a new user and like a lot of people the game crash when I try to join a server. At first the game launched but it went straight to the story mode, so I put the RageMP folder into the game directory like you guys adviced and now I face this new problem. rage launcher, gta5.exe and gta5launcher.exe are all in administrator mode. And I use Windows 10 . Pls halp, Tacoloco. Edit : Finished trying all the client versions ( steam , social club, 1.36 ) , same problem. I think i'm done with this mod, people are talking about a new version 0.2, shall we wait until the release ?