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  1. Police support

    It depends on the server you play on. I assume all roleplay servers will have players as cops.
  2. devblog 0.3 Developer preview #1 is out!

    Will it work on Windows 98?
  3. devblog Announcing RAGE Multiplayer 0.3!

    Allow cracked clients but add functions which will be able to determine which client is cracked. So that my server would kick all cracked client upon attempted connection.
  4. I guess no one knows how to breath because it's not a verb...
  5. Rockstar should launch their own platform for modding singleplayer, with a decent layer of security barring access to online and shit. I'm pretty happy they're getting rid of cheaters from Online right now...
  6. Even an intern would foresee that taking down OpenIV won't get them any more money from shark cards (because bad PR), so I don't see how your reasoning works here.