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  1. Domino

    Thanks guys. Here's a soundcloud of me talking about what this will be for: Or if you prefer videos:
  2. Domino

    What is this? A blockchain transaction ledger for RAGE:MP servers. This takes a few pages from Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc. A brief summary I recorded: Who is it for? This is for administrators who want a futuristic economy featured inside of their server without a chance of manipulation. There is a max circulation of money available to all players. Player accounts whom are inactive will be taxed over time. Taxes are re-introducted into the server allowing constant rewards for mining blocks in the block chain. Blocks are mined through server interactions such as jobs, roleplay, etc. It's entirely up to the server developer how they want to reward players. Plans 12 Word Mneumonic Wallets for new players. Offline Transactions between players. Market Caps for total wealth distribution in the server. Taxes old / unused player accounts to redistribute wealth into the server. Mine Blocks in whichever way your server would like. ie. completing missions, word count simulators, fishing, etc. Reward players for clearing the transaction pool. Market Cap Taxation to re-introduce wealth. Base your entire login system off player generated public keys in the ledger. Where to Track? Github
  3. C#/JS -> Essence Server Scripts

    It will not run right off the bat. You will have to convert it to RAGE-MPs bridge if you want it to work. Actual developers have a shot to get it working.
  4. As RAGE is going to be having an update soon with the C# API being implemented you guys can take a few lines of code from my old server files. It may be extremely useful for those of you who are looking to implement databases, events, commands, inventory systems, etc. Check it out over at: