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  1. script for blips players in map visible?

    I did a simple test with two players in a LAN server, looks like it works:
  2. script for blips players in map visible?

    Well, I was just trying to do the same thing, so here's what I just did. Copy this script in a new file and save it in your package with the name of "player_blips.js". //Initialize a object that will hold all blips of every player //We will use IDs to find out who is the owner of a blip var blips = {}; //Icon show in the minimap for the players const BlipIcon = 1; //A simple circle //Color for the icon const BlipColor = 4; //Light gray /* For a list of blip icons and colors just look at: */ //Called when a player spawns'playerSpawn', (player) => { //Create a new blip for that player //using its ID for reference blips[] =, player.position); blips[].name =; blips[].dimension = player.dimension; blips[].colour = BlipColor; }); //When a player have a bad luck of dying...'playerDeath', (player, reason, killer) => { //Destroy the blip of that player if it exists if (blips[]) { blips[].destroy(); } }); //When the player leaves the server...'playerQuit', (player, exitType, reason) => { //Destroy his/her blip if it exists if (blips[]) { blips[].destroy(); } }); //Update blip positions based on the positions of the players function UpdateBlipPositions() { //For every player... mp.players.forEach( (player, id) => { //Check if his/her blip exists and if they are alive... if (blips[] && > 0) { //And update the blip position blips[].position = player.position; //Quick note: The ' > 0' was necessary //because if we dont do that the server just crashes. //Looks like we can't get player position if he/she is dead. } }); } //Calls the update function every second setInterval(function(){ UpdateBlipPositions(); }, 1000); Then, in your main script (like index.js) add the following line in the top: require('./player_blips'); I haven't tested it with more than 1 player, but it should work just fine. If anything nasty happens, just PM me.
  3. Not to respawn vehicle

    I think this already happens automatically.
  4. How to do mapping?

    Hello guys! Well, how can I make my own map to use in the 'maps' folder? I just know I can make one with some existing map editing mod out there, but I can't find out how to convert from XML to JSON, and looks like RageMP server only loads JSON files.
  5. Offline/LAN launcher

    Nah, nevermind. I found a fix. Updated this in here and here.
  6. new board pt-br

    quem sabe um dia...
  7. update.exe has stopped working

    Well, I actually mean with 2 computers in LAN, with my own server running in one of them. The problem was: No internet connection in that LAN. When there's no internet connection, the updater crashes. But i finally found a workaround. Open Notepad and type this code: set upd=yes start ragemp_v.exe Then, click "File" and click "Save As..." Navigate to the RageMP install diretory Give the file any name, and type in the end of it the extension ".bat" In "Type" select "All FIles (*.*)" Then click "Save" Now, just double click the file you created and this will open the launcher without the need of internet connection. You can play in LAN now!
  8. Hello guys. So, I finally got RageMP working after some time trying to run it. Then I started to work on my own server, doing my scripts and I really loved the scripting API! Good work devs! So, while testing a character customization I made for the game playing with two computers I noticed a bug. The first player who is changing the component '0' (the head) cannot see the changes, while the another one can see the changes in the characther of the first one. I have no clue why this happens. I don't think this is a scripting problem, because all the other components (Hair, Torso, Legs) are working just fine. Any ideas?
  9. update.exe has stopped working

    Hello again people. Last time I tried to run rage_mp.exe i got that "has stopped working" message, and I realized this happens when there's no internet connection. I just want to play in LAN, so is there any way to skip the updater and run the launcher?
  10. Offline/LAN launcher

    I found something that would help: But it doesn't work, there is no "ragemp_v.exe", and using the command launcher.exe "rage://v/connect?ip=IP_AND_PORT_HERE" does nothing. Any ideas?
  11. Offline/LAN launcher

    Hello developers/players! Some few days ago, I tried to make the RageMP launcher work without internet for LAN play. How? Well... I realized that the launcher connects to '' or something, so I opened that page in my browser and saw the source code. After that, I created a VERY simple launcher with inputs for ip and 'connect' button. Then I 'routed' the '' to a local web server with the simple page, using a DNS server. Unfortunately, the launcher didn't loaded the page... I was wondering if it's possible to do it and how as a temporary solution, or if a offline launcher will be implemented soon. PS.: Any news about next release? :-)