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  1. devblog RAGE Multiplayer 0.3.2 Announcement

    Will this release support gunmans for planes?
  2. I Need Help

    Look around, GTA:N dead, Five:M 15-20 players (before anti-piracy there were a lot of players even in alpha)? Any other working one I missed? Just to clear things up a bit about releases: SA 2004, LCS 2005, VCS 2006, IV 2008, CTW 2009, TLAD 2009, TBoGT 2009, V 2013, V "enchanced" 2015 and since nothing, at least single player DLC like TLAD or TBoGT. Where would they get the money? Where they get it now, the damn sharkcards. They don't release the game free to play, you have to buy it AND pay even more if you want to have those shiny new cars that still handle like crap on rail, because kids like it that way and they rather buy it with real cash than play for it as it was normal a few years ago. And there could be a boxed edition for those who wish to spend, there are always those geeks who have no other hobbies just buying all these exclusive shits. Previous GTAs were pirated too, and multis supported them and neither Rockstar or T2 went bankrupt, there'll always be people buying it, and before this laziness started it was reasonable, because you got a good game as is, without further payments. I know it sounds good to be a justice warrior but crackers are just better people than publishers. They work for you, not for your money.
  3. I Need Help

    Well, if any of these multi mods want to stay alive, they must support cracks, we should stop being such heroes on the Take-Two side. Becuasue these in no way are better or at least equal to online. Anyways Reloaded 1.41 do work. Use it if not using it already, other than that, it can be many things from corrupted client or hardware issue. And one more point against those nasty anti-pirate heroes: If people would stop buying this 4 year old game, maybe, MAYBE they would make GTA VI or a single player DLC not just feeding on Online releasing ridiculous Batmobile like things and misssions that are the same mechanics in another packaging...
  4. Add Ludendorff

    I guess it's something that depends on those who run the servers, they can make custom maps. But I think you're able to teleport there too already, just have to know the dimension and coordinates and manually warp there. But upgrading the basic, included trainer would be a really good idea (I'm looking at You, devs.), it should include vehicle and weapon customization, teleport points such as Ludendorff, stat setup and other things a good menu includes.
  5. Smuggler's Run functions

    Hi! I wanted to try the guns (that require a gunman) on the new DLC planes, but I just got in as a passanger instead. In Online, there's a dialogue box for that as far as I know, but even a simple client command would be nice to be able to get in as a gunman. Is such thing exist or if not yet, could you add it?