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Found 67 results

  1. I am having issues with my picture quality, it looks zoomed in and grainy. also there are little scrolling tabs on the bottom and side of the screen, and the frame rate will start skipping, My boyfriend also has the game and his picture and frame rate are amazing, they look quite a bit different then mine. We do have two different computers, so I don't know if maybe there is a setting or something I need to do differently. if you have any ideas on how to fix this I would really appreciate it! My computers Specs: HP Pavilion Windows 10, 2.5ghz processor, 16GB RAM and runs the GTX 1050 Nvidia. Thank You!
  2. So I have a problem, I have a host from zap-hosting, when I turn it into an animal, "/ skin chop" the server shut down i have wierdplayers gamemode
  3. Hello guys, I'm trying to create a server based in Vice City so I downloaded Vice City Overhaul BETA 3.0 (Vice Cry was just too big), and put the dlcpacks inside client_packages, when I get into the server everything goes as normal and the game start downloading the rpf files. Problem is when it finish downloading I get a corrupt files message and my games just doesn't start and gives me the same error. After a few hours, I decided to install RpfEncrypt and put the rpf files in the source folder. Good News! The game successfully downloads the files! Bad News tho, my game keeps crashing after it loads Rage MP, no error and nothing. And now I'm stuck and don't know how to proceed any further. I know installing an map of such scale demands a lot, but I'm pretty I've seen a video of someone playing in a similar, but I can't find the video or where this supposed ported map is. Anybody's help would be immensely appreciated! Jesus Christ, I just want to revive some 80s nostalgia.
  4. Hello, i try to develop own server. But im try to debug client side using CEF. Im setting cefPort, launch server and when i open CEF in my browser, I get an error: I tried reinstalling RAGE: MP, starting a clean server from the multiplayer folder, nothing helped. Google does not give any advice and help. Maybe someone has same problem?
  5. Hi there, I've started recently with rage mp, developing on node. Now I've got an Error when starting my server. Everything runs fine until I change something in the config.json Error: FATAL ERROR: v8::ToLocalChecked Empty MaybeLocal. 1: 0x5619cc4cf280 [./server] 2: 0x5619cc4cf2ce [./server] 3: 0x5619cc87f8fa [./server] 4: 0x5619cc36306d [./server] 5: 0x5619cc35eebb [./server] 6: 0x5619ccdbb3b2 [./server] 7: 0x5619ccdbc8d6 [./server] 8: 0x1e3f6cc710b With best regards Kaabp
  6. Hello! Need help setting up the car. When editing the handling file.meta, the game crashes with the error ERR GEN INVALID or nothing changes. The second problem is that we don't know how to add our own sounds to the machines. Thank you in advance for the answer, I will be very grateful!
  7. Hi everyone. I have rage mp server and i need roleplay mode. Wich one is best for start ? Can someone help me ? I try union rp mode but i see free version it's broken. Now i'm trying with mod called: "reallife" from this forum, what you think about that one mod guys ? or i can have better ?Ty everyone.
  8. Help create server wtih mode wired player rp. I want to my server RP. I search scripter, gamer and programer. Discord: Syvyy_Did#6263 Instagram: @harshstas 😎😁
  9. Hey Guys, Ive started to code with Rage:MP for some days ago. Ive already a basic Server structure, but I need some information about Clientside coding with JS. So lets get started: How could I structure/organize my clientside code? Like how could the folder structure be and so on.. How can I create NativeUI with JS on Clientside ? For example if I created a colshape and marker somewhere, and only in this area should trigger the NativeUI in case i press E.
  10. My game is crashed all time, so i tried to deleted the laucher. When it started delete i saw, that all pc files deleted too, but launcher not.
  11. Okay. So since there is no server - side implementation for C# AttachEntityToEntity() I'm told to do it in the client-side. However when I pass the arguments to my client-side with the TextLabel and Vehicle objects. I'm not sure how to attach them. TextLabel being attached to the Vehicle. I've used the class's .handle attribute the .Id attribute. But nothing seems to work. I'll provide the code for the respective sides. Server - side // Server Side // private static string VehTxtLblKey = "VehicleTextLabel"; [RemoteEvent("VehicleSpawnFromClient")] public void NativeVehSpawn(Client player, bool locked, bool engine, string vName) { uint vHash = NAPI.Util.GetHashKey(vName); Vehicle veh; veh = NAPI.Vehicle.CreateVehicle(vHash, player.Position.Around(5), 0.0f, 0, 0, locked: locked, engine: engine); TextLabel tLabel; tLabel = NAPI.TextLabel.CreateTextLabel($"[{vName}]", veh.Position, 15.0f, 1.5f, 1, new Color(0, 0, 255, 255), true); veh.SetSharedData(VehTxtLblKey, tLabel); NAPI.ClientEvent.TriggerClientEventForAll("AttachVehTxtLblForAll", VehTxtLblKey, veh); player.SendNotification($"You have created {vName}"); } // End of Server Side // Client - side public VehicleTextdraw() { Events.Add("AttachVehTxtLblForAll", VehTxtLblAll); } public void VehTxtLblAll(object [] args) { string tlKey = (string)args[0]; Vehicle veh = (Vehicle)args[1]; TextLabel tlLabel = (TextLabel)veh.GetSharedData(tlKey); if (!RAGE.Game.Entity.IsEntityAttachedToEntity(tlLabel.Id, veh.Id)) { Chat.Output($"Entity is being attached!"); RAGE.Game.Entity.AttachEntityToEntity(tlLabel.Id, veh.Id, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, true, false, false, false, 0, false); } } If anyone could help me out here, then that'll be a huge help.
  12. cookymodz


  13. When I click on a server, a window appears, that says "ERROR: Your game version is not supported by RAGE Multiplayer. " but I have the newest version of GTA and the Rockstar Launcher. After I click ok, the whole RageMP launcher closes.
  14. Hey guys, I have a problem. When I start the RAGE Multiplayer and try to join a server, I get the following error message: "Please launch RAGE Multiplayer as an admin". But I am already starting RAGEMP as admin". In addition, I have already deactivated all virus programs. What could be the reason? I'm asking for help! Click to see a Screenshot!
  15. Andromanius

    Need help

    I can not connect to any server. Even when connected to the server, it starts reconnecting and so on ad infinitum
  16."test", (player) => { let VehiclesPositionsArray = []; let VehiclesIDsArray = []; let VehiclesArray = mp.vehicles.toArray(); let VehicleNumber = 0; let VehicleNumberArray = []; let VehicleNumberNow = 0; mp.vehicles.forEachInRange(player.position, 10, (vehicle) => { VehiclesPositionsArray.push(Math.hypot(player.position.x - vehicle.position.x, player.position.y - vehicle.position.y, player.position.z - vehicle.position.z)); console.log(`${Math.hypot(player.position.x - vehicle.position.x, player.position.y - vehicle.position.y, player.position.z - vehicle.position.z)}`); VehiclesIDsArray.push(; VehicleNumberArray.push(VehicleNumber); VehicleNumber += 1; }); let aVeh = VehiclesPositionsArray[0] for(let i = 0; i < VehicleNumberArray.length; i++) { if(aVeh > VehiclesPositionsArray[i]) { aVeh = VehiclesPositionsArray[i]; VehicleNumberNow = i; } } let vehForDest = VehiclesIDsArray[VehicleNumberNow]; VehiclesArray[vehForDest].destroy(); }); By executing this command, the vehicle is deleted, first the closest, but then random, and not the nearest. What is the problem? Help)
  17. When Rage:MP latest update came out, my player cannot sit in the same vehicle. Someone pls help me.
  18. Hello everyone, please help to start the server, at startup it loads scripts, after which it knocks out errors ...
  19. Hello and good Evening.. My friend does have a major problem since the new Launcher for GTA released. She is running GTA on Steam First she had many error Codes like : GTA.exe is not working..bla bla bla , so the game wouldnt start for her but we got that fixed eventually by giving launcher.exe and launcherupdater.exe admin rights and now GTA starts without problems in Singleplay and Multiplayer. Now the thing is if she tries to join a Rage Server after she hits Direct Connect or joining the Server via Server List, Launcher loads up starts Rage Multiplayer and then she got a Blackscreen following a Error Message saying : Grand Theft Auto 5 has stopped working. We tried un/reinstalling Rage like 5 times but it didnt work. Deactivating Firewall and Antivirus also doesnt fix. Verifying the Game Cache via Steam doesnt fix it I simply dont know what to do anymore due to the fact that im not a "PC Expert" and sorry if my English sucks im trying my best so i hope anyone of you gentle people might know a solution to this problem.. if so, please reply.. kindest Regards.
  20. When i logged into the server, i was stuck in this section, it did not load packages. I waited for more than an hour and nothing happened. Someone please help me !!! VIDEO:
  21. Hello RageMP Community, I am having a hard time figuring out how to load a JSON file into the Client side to generate a menu. When I do this: var vehicles = require("./[...]/vehicleshops.json"); and restart and join the Server the Error message says that the file "./[...]/vehicleshops.json.js" could not be found. I have also tried import vehicles from ("./[...]/vehicleshops.json") With this attempt it has a problem with the overall Syntax, so it doesn't work either. What is the correct way of loading a JSON file client side, or is there even a working way? Kind regards, ffpgmbh / Fionn
  22. Sup Guys! I have a problem with lock the prison doors. I try this:,461.8065, -994.4086, 25.06443, true, 0.0, 50.0, 0); But it isnt working. I call this event when player enter the server:"lockDoors",()=>{'~g~Hello ~w~World');,461.8065, -994.4086, 25.06443, true, 0.0, 50.0, 0); })
  23. Hello Guys, is there any way to create player only blips? like players who have a job and for them create the blips... Greetz, Concil
  24. Попробовал сделать на сервере таймер через setInterval вне событий и решил написать данный код в этом таймере: let vehicle =; console.log(vehicle); Данное значение показывает только { setVariable: [function], call: [function] } Почему я не могу получить data значения которые создавал в событии для этого объекта? Однако в событиях присутствует возможность получения data значений при аналогичном получении объекта.
  25. Zow


    NAPI.TextLabel.CreateTextLabel("กด F เพื่อเปลี่ยนตัวละคร", new Vector3(-215.6841f, 6219.168f, 31.39166f), 10.0f, 0.5f, 4, new Color(255, 255, 255)); This is not support or something?