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Found 70 results

  1. Is it out, and if not when?
  2. All hi I have a problem when I come on the server does not load files or loads 3 /197 and then falls to 0
  3. I have a fully up to date game and client. I'm able to get into fine and i can do everything in the client. Though when i try to join a server i go to a loading screen for about 15 seconds then the game crashes. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN!!!
  4. retroduck

    Warning 1909

    Before Rage mp finishes installing, it gives me this, If I ignore it, I cannot open the launcher, it disapears. What do I do??
  5. for some reason at first it wouldn't let me walk at all but after restarting a few times i was able to walk, but i couldn't stop and to go a certain direction i had to angle my camera in a certain way. was wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same or similiar problem or if anyone knows whats wrong and how to fix it.
  6. When I launch the game it comes up with the box "Experimental" thing when I then get into the game, it repeats the error "Can't Join the server, please try again", something like that, and it just keeps repeating that? last time I tried was about two months ago, and I thought, it was fixed by now, so is it an error on my pc? Or is it something you guys have to fix?
  7. So I have been trying to get my voice chat to work for the past like 2 hours, It works just fine in normal GTA 5 but when I launch Eclipse-RP no one can hear me, and it doesn't even show the game picking up my mic, I restored settings to default in both the main game and the Eclipse server so all key binds and everything are the same. Cant for the life of me figure out why its not working.
  8. Kalos

    UPDATE 1.42

    hello guys I have a problem when I try to join a server it appears that I have to update to 1.42 how do I do it? thanks in advance
  9. Dreamie


    Just wanna play some Rage MP and i keep getting this error I've tried reinstalling and repairing over and over. Help please.
  10. Hello guys, I am trying to make a function that returns if a player is located around a marker/position at a certain radius. The first solution in my mind was to set an interval in which it checks every 5 sec or so if the player is inside the radius of a position. But if I put the json/object inside the setInterval function, the server crashes when this function is called. I know for sure the json is the problem, beacuse if i just put a console.log inside the setInterval, it works fine. Error: async hook stack has become corrupted (actual: 10, expected: 11) There's other code going on than just this piece, I thought this might be enough to see what's going. Many thanks in advance for your help. Have a great day! Erwin let positions = require('./positions.json'); function startCheckingCaps(player){ setInterval(function(){ positions.cap.forEach(function(v,i){ if (inRadius(v)){ //inRadius checks if player.position is inside the radius of the current position 'v' player.notify("capturing " +; } else { player.notify("not capturing"); } }); //console.log("if its just this in setInterval, it works just fine."); }, 5000); }'playerJoin', (player) => { startCheckingCaps(player); //<------------------------- this is the one from above });
  11. Die Listen sind noch unvollständig! Hallo Spieler & Entwickler, ich bin mir ganz sicher. Das euch das gefallen wird! Ich glaube, ich spreche einigen Leuten aus der Seele. Dass es wunderbar wäre eine vollständige und immer aktuelle Hash Liste zu Verfügung zu haben. Dazu habe ich meine freie Zeit genutzt, um genau das um zusetzten. Wenn ihr Probleme oder Verbesserungsvorschläge habt, könnt ihr mir gerne über einer Private Nachricht aushelfen, ich bin für alles offen , Mit freundlichen Grüßen - Rachel A. Hash Listen Um die Liste klar und simpel zu halten, sind die verschiedenen Kategorien in Spoiler unterteilt. Öffne einfach ein Spoiler, um den dementsprechenden Inhalt zu sehen. 'Simple as that ツ' Transportmittel Beinhaltet die Hashes von Transportmittel und deren optionalen Komponenten. Waffen Beinhaltet die Hashes von Waffen und deren optionalen Komponenten. Skins Beinhaltet die Hashes von Skins und deren optionalen Komponenten. Props Beinhaltet die Hashes von Props und deren optionalen Komponenten. Thread Infos Bilder & Informationen stammen von Seiten wie: <Externer Link> <Externer Link>
  12. vehicle spawner
  13. Hi, Since a lot of people seems to have problems with RageMP not updating or being corrupted, I decided to post those instructions for future reference. This may help people, for my part, I didn't know that rage's process was in the background and it prevented me from updating without my knowledge. I will update this with time if a better and/or more complete method exists. STEPS TO FIX (would work for most update / corruption problems) 1- Make sure any 'ragemp*.exe' processes are closed, especially 'ragemp_v.exe' (also exit the 'updater.exe' process); 2- Verify your GTA5 files with steam or with the Social Club launcher; 3- Delete every files in your RageMP folder except the updater (if instructions doesn't work the first time, re-download updater.exe from the RageMP website); 4- Make sure GTA5's files have finished being verified and that RageMP's update is over; 5- Make sure you start RageMP with no arguments. For example: disable cef debugger; 6- Start the ragemp_v.exe and enjoy!; If you need more information to "verify your GTA5 files", follow these instructions. Thank you, rt-2
  14. Hello Me call Html : menu ='package://realliferpg/index.html'); I want to chang text in html Element By Client side script Can it be done? Do not you have another way? Thank you Sory My Bad Eng
  15. Rage_v Has Stopped working....Please Help!!!!!!
  16. I am Start Launcher And I Have This Error Failed The Load URL Help Me PLS
  17. Здравствуйте,форумчани.Мне нужна ваша помощь.Я никак немогу разобраться как сделать команду /me. Прошу вас помочь.Буду очень признателен.Заранее огромное спасибо.
  18. RutoExcalibur


    Guys , I have problem, I can't lauch server. Failed to launch steam What need to do?!
  19. I know i'm making asking a lot but this is good for the community. The thing is how do you host serves I was doing heavy research and i'm not getting anything.
  20. Может что-то делаю не так но по гайду и по ютубу и тыры пыры всё правильно,нет только ошибки при запуске как у других. запускаю через лаунчер с указанием путя,а отправляет в одиночную игру на сюжет.