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Found 65 results

  1. Hallo, ich hätte mal ne Frage und zwar gibt es ja bei dem Client GTMP die Funktion API.onClientEventTrigger += OnClientEvent; und dann public void OnClientEvent(Client client, string eventName, params object[] arguments) { switch (eventName) { case "Example": break; } } Ich wollte Fragen aub es die Möglichkeit auch in RageMP Serverside Csharp gibt. Mit Freundlichen grüßen U1tim4te
  2. Hi, is it possible to start the server in a cluster? With synchronization of all data between servers in a cluster. This would distribute the load and make it possible to scale the project depending on the load.
  3. Hey guys i have a problem with connecting to the server with loaded dlc´s. I mapped a Room , created a dlc.rpf, and adlc.rpf for the props. By the first connect they are loading in the files (clientside). If we conncet a second time, we get a issue by connecting: check the serverfiles..... , any idea?
  4. Ich habe ein problem, und zwar lädt der Server die Map nicht. Die .rpf liegt hier :Server/client_packages/dlcpacks/mapname/dlc,rpf Habe mich an diese Anleitung gehalten Habe auch gehört das man eine .meta unter dlcpacks habe muss aber weiß nicht wie man die aufbaut.
  5. Hello. I put the server on various guides on VPS Linux, and that server is working, but when log in from updated client, can see the inscription "server version mismach". Where to find the current version of the server Rage MP Linux? Yes, I searced the forum. Please, help. Thank.
  6. Is it possible to switch a player to another server?
  7. Hi, This small tuturial how make auto server restart on file change by using webpack. 1. All doing in webpack.config.js file 2. On file top initialize empty variable: let gameServer; 3. In exports object add new plugin (with hook): plugins: [ // ... { apply: compiler => { compiler.hooks.afterEmit.tap('AfterEmitPlugin', () => { // Kill started server if (!!gameServer) { console.log('\nKill game server'); gameServer.kill(); } console.log('\nStart game server'); // Start server gameServer = spawn(path.join(__dirname, 'server.exe')); gameServer.stdout.on('data', data => process.stdout.write(data)); gameServer.stderr.on('data', data => process.stderr.write(data)); }); } } ] 4. Profit
  8. Hello, i'm trying to get the character id from an <a> tag and send it to the server so when i click the button it will send that id to the server. Currently i got this in the login.html <b v-for="character in characters"> <a class="link-button link-button_margin1 link-button_theme-orange transition-02 hover" v-bind:char_id="" @click="login" v-if="characters">{{ }}</a> </b> And the "login" function to send it to the server is here login: function () { mp.trigger("cMisc-CallServerEvent", "sLogin-TryLoginWithoutCode", this.char_id); } This.char_id does not work however and will result into my server crashing. I want to send the "" to the server. Thanks in advance.
  9. So I browsed the masterlist now, for a couple of days and I really wonder why the russian and the german servers are the most popular. Are there any international server with the same playerbase?
  10. Good evening. I have a problem that mapped things like a hotel room or similar with me on the server not shown. becomes. I once tried Menyoo and Map Editor including Mapbuilder. Do I have to install an extension on the server for these props to be displayed correctly? I've been looking for a solution for 7 days now, but I can not get any further. I would be very grateful for a helpful answer. greetings Also in private chat, it should go beyond the scope
  11. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Всем привет, хочу поведать миру о старте нового проекта в RAGE:MP, - White RolePlayХочу сказать лишь одно, у нас нету нехватки программистов/скриптеров, не будет никаких заморозок, и откладывание проекта в долгий ящик.Проект свежий, в списке наших целей множество уникальных систем/работ/механикПрисоединяйся к нашей группе, и следи за развитием проекта(Игроки которые будут вместе с нами на открытии, получат уникальную возможность в занятии высоких должностей штата)Подпишись : 
  12. Guten tag I was going to build a server but soon learned it was not going to be quick. Kind of gone off the idea now, but I have still been enjoying messing around. I've made a repo in the case I do go completely go off the idea which should help the next person with a bit more to look at. Read the inital readme to update the submodules before building. If you want built resources I can provide. Credit to anyone that helped in discord, xabi (atms) (project to look through), Guad, george, extra thank to rootcause because providing great snippets & data and Sake4Mod
  13. Hey is it possible to spawn vehicles with tuning modification. And how to save Tuning modifications in mysql and load them when a player join the server.
  14. Greetings, we have a project about hardcore RolePlay and we finally find that Rage MP. I want you guys to help us about creating a basic server because we are started from zero. We are welcome to all opinion and suggestions from you guys. thanks
  15. The answer to the future of Gameserver hosting offers in the GTA area! As one of the first providers working together with RAGE.MP, we offer you RAGE.MP Gameserver. Our offer has expanded accordingly. RAGE.MP Servers for SALE! RAGE.MP for 3,00 ,- € / $ Virtual Server for SALE! Price: 4,00 ,- € / $ SAMP Server: Price: 2,00 € / $ AND MORE! You have a Server? Add your Server to the RAGE-Network TOPLIST!! Go to: For more users! Go to
  16. Hello, I tried to create a RageMP server like a couple minutes ago on Linux. Im running Ubuntu Server. Every time I try to start the gameserver and a player tries to join the server crashes with Illegal instruction (core dumped).
  17. I just created my server and it is listed in the Master List servers, however when I join my server, the loading package list is taking way too long to load. I've downloaded and copy-pasted the required freeroam files from n-n1ks. I can join other servers just fine. I also opened my port. Am I missing something?
  18. So the first hurdle of getting ragemp to run I overcame, but now I have a new problem. I go to direct connect, I put in a server's ip that I know 100% is correct and is running, the game launches, and then I sit alone in the gta v world while the prompt ragemp can't connect to server trying again fills the entire left side of my screen.
  19. Can anyone show me, how I can install modded Cars on my Server like this one: Please explain it to me or make a short Clip
  20. Hi, I have a problem when I enter a server, for example! It says: Can't join the server. Trying again... How can I fix this? thanks for supporting!!!
  21. When i want to join to the server everything goes normal. Until i should get the Log in panel. Then i crash, and sometimes cant even close the client. In the log i found this.: Failed to locate a binder for interface: blink::mojom::SensitiveInputVisibilityService [0709/
  22. Is it out, and if not when?
  23. When I launch the game it comes up with the box "Experimental" thing when I then get into the game, it repeats the error "Can't Join the server, please try again", something like that, and it just keeps repeating that? last time I tried was about two months ago, and I thought, it was fixed by now, so is it an error on my pc? Or is it something you guys have to fix?
  24. Witajcie, Chciał bym wam zaprezentować jak zainstalować poprawnie serwer RageMP na dystrybucji linux'a Centos 7. Spis treści: Aktualizacja systemu Instalacja pakietów Budowanie GCC 7.3.0 Dodawanie użytkownika Instalacja serwera Uruchamianie serwera Informacje: Yum - Menadzer pakietów w systemie RHel'owskich Update - Argument do yum Install - Argument do yum -y - skip'owanie akceptacji Screen - Umożliwia uruchamiać procesy w tle 1. Aktualizacja Systemu yum update -y; 2. Instalacja pakietów yum install epel-release -y; yum install nano zip unzip libunwind libunwind-devel libicu libicu-devel nodejs npm screen psmisc curl wget gmp-devel mpfr-devel libmpc-devel; yum groupinstall 'Development Tools'; 3. Budowanie GCC (7.3.0) - Proces trwa około 1H lub 2H zależy jaki posiadasz serwer. cd /root; wget; tar -xf gcc-7.3.0.tar.gz; mkdir gcc-build; cd gcc-build; ../gcc-7.3.0/configure --enable-languages=c,c++ --disable-multilib --prefix=/usr/ ; make -j$(nproc); make install; 4. Dodawanie użytkownika adduser nazwaużytkownika Ustawianie hasła passwd nazwaużytkownika 5. Instalacja serwera su - nazwaużytkownika wget; tar -xf ragemp-srv.tar.gz; cd ragemp-srv; mv * ../; cd ../; rm -rf ragemp-srv; wget; tar -xf bridge-package-linux.tar.gz; rm -rf *.tar.gz 6. Uruchomienie serwera screen -dmS serwer ./server Przechodzenie do konsoli screen -r serwer 2018 © Matix8981 Wszelkie prawa zastrzeżone 2018 © Matix8981 All rights reserved