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Found 5 results

  1. Скачал лаунчер, кликаю на сервер и у меня показывает в стиме, что гта запущена и в диспетчере задач показывает, что игра запущена, но ничего не происходит.(У меня бан в онлайне, но думаю хотя бы в игру зашёл бы, но этого не происходит)ПОМОГИТЕ!
  2. HackermanPro

    freeroam Les règles de la section

    1. Design 1.1 The name of the topic is prohibited specials. symbols/smileys/Caps Lock. (Punishment: Renaming or deleting topics); 1.2 The name of the theme must display the full name of the project and nothing more. (Punishment: Renaming or deleting topics); 1.3 Banned the name using the server IP, website link and expletives (Punishment: to Rename or delete topics, as well as a warning to the author). 2.Tags and prefix 2.1 Be sure to specify prefix! The prefix should show the genre of the server (Punishment: 24 hours to change the prefix and a verbal warning author). 3. The contents of the subject 3.1 The mandatory presence of links to the site/forum or social networks (Punishment: 24 hours to add links and a verbal warning author); 3.2 Banned for Caps Lock, and poisonous color palette (Punishment: 24 hours to change the color palette and getting rid of Caps Lock); 3.3 It is forbidden to create topics containing advertising or obscene abuse. Punishment: 1) Lock there account and delete the topic. 2) 24 hours to remove the Mat in the contents and a warning to the author.); 3.4 Forbidden CTRL + C and CTRL + V (copy paste) (Punishment: the removal of threads and warning author) 4. Comments 4.1 Is forbidden to use abusive, profanity, threatening, advertising, offtopic, poisonous color palette (Punishment: Warning/verbal warning(depending on the severity of the violation) and remove comment); 4.2 Raising the topic is allowed every 24 hours (Punishment: warning) This section is ONLY for servers based on our platform.
  3. Hey there! Recently a group of my friends decided to make a Freeroam server, we're replicating our server from MTA. We're currently building a fresh community and we're in need of some Map editors and staff. If you're interested you can contact me on discord : Xenteza#1250
  4. GTA V Trucking Yes, the server has been launched with beta version 0.0.1, you can find in the master list of your client! Server IP : Website: Forum: Earlier in January 2018, I came to know about RAGE MP's existence when I decided to make something. And then I started developing GTA V Trucking on January 26th, being a single developer it was a challenge to even release a beta version but here it is! The game mode is about trucking as the name itself suggests. You grab on to a truck, deliver the goods to destination and you get a paycheck, it is as simple as that if I have to put it up in a single line. This server specifically targets those players who love trucking without any bullshit, this server is originally inspired by convoy trucking in SA-MP. This not a typical role play server or even near to that, you just have to follow normal driving rules to drive a truck, that's it, a very simple game mode. Features: Cruise control (toggle by C) and basic player commands and basic admin system. Fuel system, gas stations all over the map, speedometer, wrong lane detector Banking System with ATMs all over the map and 4% PA interest rate. Trucking Missions, you can do trucking missions alone or in a convoy. Commands: /work : to start a mission /cancel : to cancel ongoing mission /stats /assistance : to flip truck trailer /id /pm : private message /ranks : See your truck driving rank based on experience, see /stats to see current rank /rules : server rules /reclass : choose different skin /bank : to see your bank account /detach : to detach a trailer /join : to join other player and form a convoy /leaveconvoy : to leave the convoy and start trucking independently /remove : to remove a player from convoy, only for the convoy leader Press C for toggling Cruise Control when inside a truck. Future Development: I do have some upcoming updates but I would like you all to join the community at if possible and suggest the future development yourself. Yes the future development is in your hands. You can help the community by playing in the server or by joining the forum discussions or being a developer or a moderator or a member of the staff. There are various ways you can contribute, but most important is that you should have fun! Regards, Nicki
  5. Топовый проект, с топовыми режимами, с топовыми возможностями и топовыми игроками. Rage Complex - запланирован как мультирежимный проект, планирующий включить на одном сервере несколько игровых режимов, и сотни игроков. Ты сможешь свободно кататься по Лос Сантосу, принимать участие в режиме захвата точек, а потом проехать несколько гонок. Конечно, на данный момент написанное выше является нашей мечтой, но мы уверены в том, что со временем - у нас получится реализовать всё запланированное. В нашей команде имеются разработчики разного класса и с различным стажем за плечами, поэтому рук будет достаточно. В данный момент у нас запущен и время от времени дорабатывается сервер 'Complex' Freeroam, который уже успел отличиться среди остальных серверов, как в RAGE MP 0.1, так и в RAGE MP 0.3. А так же, он полюбился большой аудитории. RAGE:MP 'Complex' Freeroam: или SERVER.RAGEMP.RU:22005 Что мы хотим сделать в ближайшем будущем? Аккаунты и статистика игроков. Уровень и опыт. Team Deathmatch, режим командных боёв. Что мы хотим сделать в общем? Крутой и уникальный игровой режим, который сможет понравиться десяткам людей и не оставит новичков равнодушными. Кучу разнообразных режимов, в которых вы сможете делать всё - к чему лежит безумная душа. Как мы это хотим сделать? Ручками, сэр, ручками. Архив (когда-то он будет в прямом смысле "Архивом"). Присоединяйтесь к нам! Развивайтесь вместе с нами! И тогда мы вместе будем творить историю Complex!