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Found 9 results

  1. League [work in progress] 0.3.0-alpha unstable version The classic tdm gamemode, with opensource code in the github repository. Available systems: 1. Configurable (The most settings you are allowed to edit in ./packages/league/assets/config.json) 2. Saving statistics (And yes, you dont need to install any additional libraries, just ctrl+c, ctrl+v folders) 3. Multi-language (You can easily add a new language just by creating a new json file in lang directory) 4. Groups (user, moderator, admin, root) 5. Notify system based on CEF (notifystack) 6. Voting for maps 7. Support json maps (See an example in assets/maps.json) 8. Some information huds (nametags, voting, team selecting, round info) 9. Chat information (kick, mute) 10. Gamemenu (F2) 11. Deathlog (Killlist) when round is running 12. Control huds Available commands: 1. /rs [map_id_or_code] or /roundstart [map_id_or_code] - Start a new round (In the future will be admin command) Now has admin/root access 2. /re or /roundend - Ends the round (In the future will be admin command) Now has admin/root access 3. /votemap [map_id_or_code] - nominate a map to the start 4. /cl [lang] or /changelang [lang] - change the language 5. group commands: /g rcon [password] - grant super privileges /g login [password] - login as admin or moderator /g addadm [id] [password] - (root only) add a new admin by id /g addmod [id] [password] - (root and admin) add a new moderator by id /g pwd [password] - change a password for login /g user [id] - set a user group for player by id 6. /kick [idOrName] [reason] - (root and admin and moderator only) Kick player by reason 7. /mute [idOrName] [minutes] [reason] - (root and admin and moderator only) Mute player by reason 8. /unmute [idOrName] - (root and admin and moderator only) Unmute player 9. /ct [id|nickname] [att|def|spec] - Change a team by player id/nickname, alias /changeteam 10. /add [id|nickname] - Add a player to the round 11. /remove [id|nickname] - Remove a player from the round 12. /pause - Pause a round when the round is running 13. /unpause - Unpause a round when the round is running Some screenshots: Ver. 0.3.0 download league 0.3.0-alpha from github Gamemode discord for any questions. Changelog:
  2. Greetings, it seems like Rage MP doesn't want to start latest 1.1 when I try to connect to my dev 1.1 server, launching 0.3.7 all the time. So far this is only my PC concern as other developers didn't experience this issue running client in almost identical runtime. To avoid trivial questions: Yes I did clean install it to verify integrity. Launcher reports that it has 1.1-DP1 version. Yes, I'm running 1.1 server. This is "how do I know it" reference: (MasterList: 1.1-DP1 BETA build couldn't be announced to the masterlist) I've read the registry data, and found out that "rage-type" is switching between regular and stable and always goes legacy when I try to join 1.1 server. No I didn't verify my GTAV files, not sure it's related. Just a question is there any chance rage client has some command line to force it into 1.1? Because I'm desperate. P.S If it's made with .NET I blame it. I hate how .NET products work. Thanks
  3. Hi, I hereby a RageMP Roleplay Script, which was written in NodeJS. The script is ready to play! The following features are worth mentioning: If you have any questions, you can contact me privately in the forum.
  4. Hey, I hope this is read by George among others, we are a server that is currently running with some players on 1.1, but we have the problem that sometimes the players are invisible, the vehicles are invisible, or players suddenly out of the vehicle climb and the car is teleported away, but the vehicles are not only bugged outside the streaming range, but also if a user spawns the vehicle via the garage system (approx. 3 meters away from him) I hope this will be fixed soon, otherwise we have to rewrite all of our scripts to 0.3.7 and are therefore forced to downgrade our version.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Source code : C# Attachment sync for RAGE Multiplayer Server and Client. Equivalent for the Efficient Attachment System made by ragempdev and rootcause Credits to DasNiels for the server-side Efficient Attachment Sync C# It has only been tested on RAGE Multiplayer 1.1
  6. The print.ts snippet Information Problem Disadvantages Examples Sources 1. Information: Since 1.0 we have an object mp.console which helps us to send any information to the console (F11) There it's an interface interface ConsoleMp { logInfo(message: string, save?: boolean, saveAsync?: boolean): void; logWarning(message: string, save?: boolean, saveAsync?: boolean): void; logError(message: string, save?: boolean, saveAsync?: boolean): void; logFatal(message: string, save?: boolean, saveAsync?: boolean): void; clear(): void; reset(): void; verbosity: RageEnums.ConsoleVerbosity | string; } 2. Problem: We couldn't pass two or more params into the log functions and the first argument is waiting the string type. Snippet is extending usage of that interface by passing params like the function console.log. 3. Disadvantages: Disadvantage 1: this snippet is skipping two params: [save, saveAsync] which allows you to save logdata to ragemp folder. Disadvantage 2: snippet requires npm package: [util] $ npm i --save util // or $ yarn add util 4. Examples: Lets look to usage of the snippet print.ts index.ts import { print } from './print' // print helps you to send message for log information in way like this // and also you can pass any type to this function instead of logInfo which is waiting string argument, "any", "parameter", "you", ...["want", "just", "simple", { foo: 'Bar' }]) // instead of usaging the mp.console mp.console.logInfo(JSON.stringify(mp.players.local)) mp.console.logInfo("any") mp.console.logInfo("parameter") mp.console.logInfo("you") mp.console.logInfo(["want", "just", "simple"].join("\n")) 5. Sources: Snippet print.ts (typescript) Snippet print.js (javascript) In-game screenshot:
  7. Hello! I've updated my server version to 1.1 (removed rpfencrypt, moved dlcpacks to client_resources/game_resources/dlcpacks) and when someone is trying to connect, after loading the client resources and when starting the handshake, client crashes. I made research and got few points. 1. If you have just 1-2-3 small and separated dlc (1 dlc per 1 rpf) - all works fine 2. If you have (for example) 50 small dlc's - you will get crashed. 3. If you have 1 dlcpack with 50 models inside - you will get crashed 4. And the most important one - in 037 all variations of dlcs works fine, you can use 50 separated dlc's, 1 big dlc or another one, and all stuff works fine. Tested with same dlc's in 037. So, I guess that problem maybe in 1.1 update which replaces rpfencrypt stuff.
  8. There was a problem with the server. As soon as RAGE MP is updated, does not see the resource folder, what should I do?
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Source code : Only works in combination with the Attachment Sync resource. (see below) Requires Rage 1.1 to work.