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  1. Hello, I've recently started having problems logging into the 1.1 Majestic Rp server. When you try to log in, the download of the server files starts and either it lasts 10 minutes or more, or it does not let you into the server at all. Just a week ago everything was fine. The technical support of the server cannot help me in any way, I have already reinstalled everything 100 times, even Windows. No applications are blocking Rage mp. Please, help I go to the usual GTA without problems, there are no problems with the FiveM launcher either
  2. cacao


    Version 1.0.0


    Draw-zone script Description: Drawing zones on map by using (tab, space, del) buttons and save it as polygon (call remote event drawZone.save) Controls: Tab - Place user mark on map (can be moved to draw lines) Space - Save dot on mark place Del - delete previous dot Commands: /zstart - Start drawing zones on map /zstop - Stop drawing zones /zreset - Reset drawing /zsave - Saving coords (Calling remote event drawZone.save) /zlist - list of commands Video snippet: https://imgur.com/a/liLwZo5 Repository: https://github.com/READYTOMASSACRE/ragemp-draw-zone
  3. League 0.7a [work in progress] [Old github] [Discord] 0.7a unstable version Gamemode: league07a.zip Arenas (count: 17): arenas.zip New life of gamemode, new features: Rounds, Configurable damage, (also many options could be configured by conf.json) Statistic, new UI, Permissions, Scoreboard (Tab), Game panel (F2), Deathlog, Damage huds, Info panel, Custom chat, Winner Effect, Kill/Death Effect, Voting system, Weapon switching (by hotkeys 1, 2, 3) Admin commands: /start, /arena, /a <id|name> start arena /stop, /s - stop round /add <id|name> add a player to the round /remove <id|name> remove a player from the round /pause - pause round /unpause - unpause round /swap - Change team places (Team spawn points) Player commands: /vote <id|code> vote for arena /kill kill yourself /spec <id|name> spectate for a player Auth commands: /rcon log as root Its still alpha because I didnt test it completely, so if you find a bug push it to issues here or to discord: https://discord.gg/5RBfSc3hvE 0.7a changelog 0.7a video: 0.6a videos: 0.5.0 Screenshots: 0.5.0 Videos: 0.4.0 Screenshots: Previous versions screenshots: Ver. 0.5.0 download league 0.5.0-alpha from github Gamemode discord for any questions. Changelog (previous versions): Current changelog:
  4. Version 1.0.0


    This script will work on simple implementation into your gamescript. Script was tested with ~40 players online at once. Just include the script into your gamemode and make sure to trigger the server-sided events to let a person carry another person. Please implement a check if a person is already carrying another person. (which can easily be done by checking "carry" shared variable. Report bugs? Mention me on RAGE:MP Discord or with DevGrab#0815
  5. Has anyone experienced the above mentioned issue in the title? I'd appreciate assistance in this regard. I've validated the checksums of files coming from both servers, the files are completely the same in client_resources. They are being downloaded normally and successfully. When loading in the game with a server based on GNU/Linux (Ubuntu 22.04 LTS), the large dlcpack crashes on on "Loading Rage multiplayer Resources" but the exact same package (same checksum, completely identical file) works perfectly upon loading into the game based on the Windows server. I've tried hundreds of iterations to find the source of this problem but to no avail. What could possibly be the source of crashing the game even though the files that are being loaded are completely identical? Note: I've also went to the length of tracing exactly what RAGEMP does - and it is successfully reading the files from the client_resources but the game crashes on "Loading RAGEMP Resources"
  6. Discord | Site Information about server The largest and most popular GTA V Roleplay server opens to the English market! The Grand Role Play server opened in 2020 in Russian and to this day works flawlessly with a large number of people. The server is programmed from scratch on the RAGEMP platform. To this day, server owners are upgrading and updating the server. Grand Role Play server does not have queues to connect to the server because this server supports +1000 players at a time. Connect when you want! More than +200 people play on the English server every day. Staff Structure We could write “Server Team” in this section, but since we are a big family with people of all walks of life, then we can confidently say that we are one big project. The project team looks at the players as “their” children. With each follower of our project, we communicate sincerely and try to answer all the questions asked in as much detail as possible so that the project follower can feel that we need him and we care about his opinion. When we start writing the composition of the team, we would like to say that the people in the project are different in a way. Everyone has their work and does it with real quality because the people in the team put all their hopes and all the motivation to make the project look “from the side” to make it look like the project is high quality and a friendly community plays in it. Server systems 😲 First steps after registration 🧐 Authorization 👨‍👦 Family system 🔧 Settings 🤯 Craft system 🚗 Сustomize your car 🥼 Sell your things on the trading market 🌿 Family farming business 👕 Thousands of clothes for your character 🚗 We have more than 200 DLC cars 🏡 Estate agency 💸 Bank robbery 🎒 Inventory with 23k icons 💵 Bank system 🕹️ Main menu 🤑 Stock exchange ⚡ Electrician job 🔫 Thug graffiti system 💰 Export goods 🚕 Taxi system 🔫 Сollecting weapons Want to start playing? Visit https://gta5grand.com/
  7. Version 1.1.0


    Description: This resources provides the ability to create/control sound in 3D via custom API. A slightly redesigned version of the Sound API, with real synced 3d effect. API: // Client-side mp.game.audio.playSound3D(veh_id, url, range, volume, track_length) /* * veh_id: int(Required) [Vehicle RemoteID] * url: string (Required) [Links and local package:// protocol are supported] * range: int (Optional, Default: 60) * volume: int (Optional, Default: 1) [Range: 0 to 1] * track_length: int (Optional, Default: 180) [Current track length in seconds] */ /// EVENTS: // (Client) /* * EventName: audioFinish * params: soundID (Vehicle's RemoteID that is finished Playing) */ /* * EventName: audioError * params: soundID (Vehicle's RemoteID that had error), errorObject {code: 'error code', error: 'error description'} */ // (Server) /* * EventName: sound:create * params: id, (Vehicle's RemoteID) url, range, volume, track_length */ /* * EventName: sound:destroy * params: id (Vehicle's RemoteID) */ /* * EventName: sound:pause * params: id (Vehicle's RemoteID) */ /* * EventName: sound:resume * params: id (Vehicle's RemoteID) */ /* * EventName: sound:setVolume * params: id (Vehicle's RemoteID), volume */ // Example let vehicleId = mp.players.local.vehicle.remoteId; mp.game.audio.playSound3D(vehicleId, 'http://rfcmedia.streamguys1.com/MusicPulse.mp3', 20, 1, 60); mp.events.callRemote('sound:pause', vehicleId); mp.events.callRemote('sound:resume', vehicleId); mp.events.callRemote('sound:destroy', vehicleId); If you have any issues or suggestions, you know the usual routine. Credits: - Thanks to Captien for his 3D sound API. Media:
  8. Hello everyone. I have the following kind of problem. When I log into the server I'm developing, I should have a browser with authorization, but it doesn't find the index.html file. Some time ago, it worked. After checking the alert() in the script, it is revealed that the file actually exists and is being executed. Also, the user interface appears for a moment. What can be wrong? I'm use Vue framework for UI.
  9. RageV | RP | RageMP 1.1 RageV eine neue Ära beginnt! Wir sind ein Team das aus leuten mit jahrelanger erfahrung im Ragemp bereich besteht. Unser Server wurde auf Midcore RP aufgebaut! Wir sind aktuell in der Endphase der Entwicklung von unserem Server, wir Programmierten alles Selber und haben kein Pay Code oder sonstiges! Was können wir bieten? Leistungstarker Dedicated Server Zuverlässiger Hoster Entwickler mit jahrelanger Erfahrung im Ragepm bereich! Aktuell suchen wir noch Teamleader mit folgenden Posten: Community Manager Admin Mapper Supportleitung Supporter In unserem Discord könnt ihr mitverfolgen in Dev-Logs wie sich der Server aktuell entwickelt und wann wir Releasen werden! Interesse geweckt? Dan komm rein und überzeug dich selbst! Das Team von RageV Discord: https://discord.gg/HqnPGdjEwB
  10. Good day, comrades We use hardware for a server (2 cores, 2 GB RAM, 32 GB nvme), ubuntu OS 20.04, server version 1.1. If there are more than 5 people online, other players cannot connect to the server. Their connection stops at the finishing handshake screen and then the game closes.. Are there any options to dig in which direction? Tell me please
  11. Hello! I've updated my server version to 1.1 (removed rpfencrypt, moved dlcpacks to client_resources/game_resources/dlcpacks) and when someone is trying to connect, after loading the client resources and when starting the handshake, client crashes. I made research and got few points. 1. If you have just 1-2-3 small and separated dlc (1 dlc per 1 rpf) - all works fine 2. If you have (for example) 50 small dlc's - you will get crashed. 3. If you have 1 dlcpack with 50 models inside - you will get crashed 4. And the most important one - in 037 all variations of dlcs works fine, you can use 50 separated dlc's, 1 big dlc or another one, and all stuff works fine. Tested with same dlc's in 037. So, I guess that problem maybe in 1.1 update which replaces rpfencrypt stuff.
  12. En LEYENDAS URBANAS, estamos trabajando permanentemente para lograr que tu experiencia en el juego sea lo más placentera posible! Una parte esencial para lograrla, era el paso de la versión 0.3.7 a la 1.1 con sincronización mejorada y realizando una optimización de los sistemas para proporcionar una mayor estabilidad y mejora en el rendimiento. Conseguido esto, te detallamos algunas de las acciones llevadas a cabo últimamente y de las que ya puedes disfrutar en el servidor: - Añadido nuevo tipo de negocio: Empresas de seguridad. - Nuevos menús para hacer mas amenas ciertas situaciones, como el pago de multas o depósito. También se retira el nombre de encima de la cabeza, sustituyéndolo por una ID. - Hemos añadido dos comandos para poder recordar nuestros mejores momentos, en un modo más “cinematográfico”. - Hemos añadido una animación al recoger objetos del suelo. - Sistema de radares. - Hemos añadido nuevas velocidades al sistema limitador de velocidad para facilitar el uso del mismo. - Piloto automático. - Nuevo sistema de heridas con posibilidad de consultarlas en cualquier momento. - Ahora las licencias son con la foto de nuestro personaje. - Añadido un modo de disparo a las armas, con posibilidad de modo automático, semiautomático, ráfagas y seguro. - Hemos incorporado nuevos peinados personalizables - Nuevos estilos al caminar para que elijas el que más se adapta a tu personaje. - Se implementa la galería de tiro con estadísticas para que puedas competir con tus amigos en los Ammu Nation de PillBox Hill y Cypress Flats. - Hemos añadido un nuevo mapeado en la Ruta 68! - Ahora podrás personalizar la visión de tu mapa, pudiendo definir los blips que puedan salir activos. ¡Adiós a los iconos innecesarios! Como puedes ver, estas son algunas de las implementaciones que hemos llevado a cabo últimamente en #LURP, para que tu jugabilidad en #GTAV, se vea mejorada. Nuestro equipo de programadores, continúa trabajando permanentemente para ofrecerte nuevas posibilidades en el juego! Si quieres estar al día de todas las novedades, también puedes seguirnos en nuestro canal de Discord o en alguna de nuestras redes sociales: - Instagram - Twitch - Facebook - Twitter - Youtube Te dejamos estas novedades, resumidas en un video de 1' 30"
  13. Hello everyone! noticed an interesting bug (mb is not a bug, but a feature). Two players. The first player has ID 0, the second player has ID 1. In the main world (with dimension = 0), both players take damage when hitting with a fist. If these players are moved to dimension = 5, then the player with ID 0 does not take damage from a punch. Moreover, if you shoot at him with a weapon, then everything is ok. P.s. incomingDamage is an empty event (there is nothing in it and nothing is canceled in it). How can this thing be cured? Are there any workarounds? Server & client side in JS
  14. There are two problem with 1.1. First one is the start button (red circle) on controllers do not pause the game. The second problem is with full screening the game using alt+enter to switch between fullscreen and windowed mode. It takes like 10 seconds compare to 0.3.7 which is almost instant. Both issues are recorded and explained in the video. https://streamable.com/jz2721
  15. Hi! If i connect to my server from localhost / my game will load RageMP 1.1, and I can connect, but if I connect from 192.168.xx.xx or an external IP adress, It'll load 0.3.7, then the sever kicks me due client version mismatch. I even tried with another server, from another PC, but nothing worked. If I start the 1.1 Rage, then connect from an external IP adress It'll start to load the server files, but I get this error and the game crashes, and the server writes this to the console: [N] Incoming connection from [N] has been disconnected. My conf.json: { "maxplayers" : 100, "name" : "RAGE:MP Unofficial server", "gamemode" : "freeroam", "stream-distance" : 500.0, "announce" : false, "csharp" : "enable", "enable-http-security" : false, "port": 22005 }
  16. Greetings, it seems like Rage MP doesn't want to start latest 1.1 when I try to connect to my dev 1.1 server, launching 0.3.7 all the time. So far this is only my PC concern as other developers didn't experience this issue running client in almost identical runtime. To avoid trivial questions: Yes I did clean install it to verify integrity. Launcher reports that it has 1.1-DP1 version. Yes, I'm running 1.1 server. This is "how do I know it" reference: (MasterList: 1.1-DP1 BETA build couldn't be announced to the masterlist) I've read the registry data, and found out that "rage-type" is switching between regular and stable and always goes legacy when I try to join 1.1 server. No I didn't verify my GTAV files, not sure it's related. Just a question is there any chance rage client has some command line to force it into 1.1? Because I'm desperate. P.S If it's made with .NET I blame it. I hate how .NET products work. Thanks
  17. Hi, I hereby a RageMP Roleplay Script, which was written in NodeJS. The script is ready to play! The following features are worth mentioning: If you have any questions, you can contact me privately in the forum.
  18. Idle

    Lucky wheel

    Version 1.1.0


    Lucky wheel is synced. Coords: 1110.8710, 228.8737, -49.6358 resource on my github: https://github.com/Sokol123456/luckywheel Added support for 0.3.7, check github
  19. Hey, I hope this is read by George among others, we are a server that is currently running with some players on 1.1, but we have the problem that sometimes the players are invisible, the vehicles are invisible, or players suddenly out of the vehicle climb and the car is teleported away, but the vehicles are not only bugged outside the streaming range, but also if a user spawns the vehicle via the garage system (approx. 3 meters away from him) I hope this will be fixed soon, otherwise we have to rewrite all of our scripts to 0.3.7 and are therefore forced to downgrade our version.
  20. Nothing happens, the value changes but does not apply. When you exit and then enter the stream of the vehicle, the handling value that I set before is reset to default. public void SetVehicleHandling(object[] args) { string key = args[0].ToString(); float val = Convert.ToSingle(args[1]); Chat.Output($"OLD: {RAGE.Elements.Player.LocalPlayer.Vehicle.GetHandlingFloat(key)}; NEW: {val}; ({key})"); RAGE.Elements.Player.LocalPlayer.Vehicle.SetHandling(key, val); } If someone maked it work i will be appriciate for answer. Thanks
  21. Nothing happens, the value changes but does not apply. When you exit and then enter the stream of the vehicle, the handling value that I set before is reset to default. public void SetVehicleHandling(object[] args) { string key = args[0].ToString(); float val = Convert.ToSingle(args[1]); Chat.Output($"OLD: {RAGE.Elements.Player.LocalPlayer.Vehicle.GetHandlingFloat(key)}; NEW: {val}; ({key})"); RAGE.Elements.Player.LocalPlayer.Vehicle.SetHandling(key, val); } If someone maked it work i will be appriciate for answer. Thanks
  22. German: Wenn ihr bei der Rage Version 1.1 das Problem habt, dass ihr starke FPS drops bekommt, sobald ihr eine Taste auf der Tastatur drückt, schaut in euren Prozessen, ob ihr NahimicSvc findet. Beendet den Task und schaut obs wieder funktioniert. Wenn ja, deinstalliert ASUS Audio Software und Treiber und installiert euren Audio Treiber Munuell von der Hersteller Seite z.B. Realtek HD Audio. English: If you have trouble in Version 1.1 of RageMP that u have FPS drops when you using your Keyboard open your taskmanager and search vor NahimicSvc and close the task. If that helped und you dont want to close it every time you restart your computer you have to uninstall audio software of ASUS and compability drivers. reinstall your audio driver from the original manufacturer and you should be fine.
  23. Hi! I tried to change the player's position and got an error. What am I doing wrong? (api ver. 1.1) Code: [Command("tp")] public void Teleport(Player player, float x, float y, float z) { NAPI.Chat.SendChatMessageToPlayer(player, $"Teleporting to x:{x} y:{y} z:{z}"); player.Position = new Vector3(x, y, z); } Console output result: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. UNHANDLED EXCEPTION IN COMMAND tp FOR RESOURCE MyServer/MyServer System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. ---> System.MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'Void GTANetworkAPI.Entity.set_Position(GTANetworkAPI.Vector3)'. at void MyServer.Utils.Teleport(Player player, float x, float y, float z) --- End of inner exception stack trace --- at object RuntimeMethodHandle.InvokeMethod(object target, object[] arguments, Signature sig, bool constructor, bool wrapExceptions) at object System.Reflection.RuntimeMethodInfo.Invoke(object obj, BindingFlags invokeAttr, Binder binder, object[] parameters, CultureInfo culture) at bool GTANetworkInternals.CommandParser.Parse(Player sender, string cmdRaw, string ourcmd, string[] args)
  24. Hi, I've downloaded the C# 1.1 Attachment Sync but it doesn't work for me as I don't see the object on myself nor on other players when I/they try the /soda command. mapObject returns the correct .Model number, but on using .Exists it returns false. Console logs server: [COMMAND] Machiavelli: /soda current attachments: 337428855 Clientside Changes: private void EntityStreamIn(RAGE.Elements.Entity entity) { var attachments = entity.GetData<List<uint>>("Attachments"); if (attachments != null) { foreach (var key in attachments) { AttachObject(entity, key); } } } private void AttachObject(RAGE.Elements.Entity entity, uint key) { var entityObjects = entity.GetData<Dictionary<uint, MapObject>>("Objects"); if (AttachmentDictionary.ContainsKey(key) && !entityObjects.ContainsKey(key)) { var entityAttachment = AttachmentDictionary[key]; var mapObject = new MapObject(entityAttachment.Model, new Vector3(0, 0, 0), new Vector3(0, 0, 0)) { Dimension = uint.MaxValue }; mapObject.NotifyStreaming = true; // <----------------------------------------- added Chat.Output("attach model: " + entityAttachment.Model); //result: attach model: 114933932 --> (same result for mapObject.Model) var gameEntity = entity.GetGameEntity(); Entity.AttachEntityToEntity(mapObject.Handle, gameEntity.Handle, RAGE.Game.Ped.GetPedBoneIndex(gameEntity.Handle, entityAttachment.BoneId), entityAttachment.Offset.X, entityAttachment.Offset.Y, entityAttachment.Offset.Z, entityAttachment.Rotation.X, entityAttachment.Rotation.Y, entityAttachment.Rotation.Z, false, false, false, false, 2, true); if (Entity.IsEntityAttachedToEntity(mapObject.Handle, gameEntity.Handle)) { OnEntityAttachedEvent?.Invoke(gameEntity, entityAttachment.AttachmentEvent); } entityObjects.Add(key, mapObject); entity.SetData("Objects", entityObjects); } } Can anybody tell me what exactly I need to change and where I have to change it? Like, how do you check if it's streamed/loaded in or not? Might have to change more code in the other files too.
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