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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I'm working on the UI side of my server. I use Angular 5 and Bootstrap. I'm able to display my Angular application in the game when I display the index.html in the CEF browser: mp.events.add("Login_Show", () => { loginCef = mp.browsers.new("package://myComponent/dist/index.html"); }); My problem comes from the routing. When I want to display another page (e.g. login), I should use the Angular routing: mp.events.add("Login_Show", () => { loginCef = mp.browsers.new("package://myComponent/dist/login"); }); When I use that, I have a 404 because the Rage
  2. https://github.com/Armyw0w/RAGEAngular https://www.npmjs.com/package/rage-angular UPDATE 1.0.4 Removed object type from Client call interface Removed arguments limit from Client call arguments. Added Client library. UPDATE 1.0.3 Added better documentation in source Added a middleman library for index.html Added a way to call an event from Angular to Client Added syncronization for that call and posibility to response back. Documentation on Github
  3. Son1Q

    Angular 8 CEF

    I downloaded npm package 'ragemp-c', but when i try call functions from 'mp' object i received error 'ERROR ReferenceError: mp is not defined'. import { Component } from '@angular/core'; declare var mp: any; @Component({ selector: 'app-counter-component', templateUrl: './counter.component.html' }) export class CounterComponent { public currentCount = 0; public incrementCounter() { this.currentCount++; console.log(mp); mp.trigger('test'); } } What could be the problem?
  4. Son1Q

    ExecuteJs TS

    How i can call typescript function in selected component from client-side? ExecuteJs not found functions, because angular uses scopes.
  5. Привет всем. Есть ли здесь те, кто пишет фронт на angular? Есть вопрос по пробросу событий из CEF (angular) в клиент (Rage). Юзаю zone, но обработчики хранятся глобально, что не есть хорошо. Реализовывал кто-нибудь что-либо похожее?
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