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Found 5 results

  1. Hi there! Question for you, since I'm not sure if I know the correct answer: What is the maximum amount of objects manageable by the RageMP server? For clarification: I especially mean those kind of objects that are created dynamically during runtime. My thoughts on that: Since the NetHandle class (C#) has this signature for its constructor: NetHandle(ushort handle, EntityType type) Now, with this constructor we know that the maximum amount of handles is 65535 (since an ushort has an integer range of 0-65535). But what about the EntityType param? How is the EntityType to b
  2. Hello, It is embarassed that I can't only search the ID of the OBJ in the objectdb but name. How can I find objects by their ID? or can you give me the obj's picture,ID:481432069 Sorry for my poor English
  3. KAyo

    Dynamic Objects

    Hello so i was playing around with some dynamic objects since the json "dynamic" isn't recognised (or am i missing something?) So i figured out creating them via: https://wiki.rage.mp/index.php?title=Object::createObject resolves the issue and the object is dynamic. But doing this for 2k objects is a huge effort PLUS if you restart the server the object will be created twice in the client... createModelHide with a decent radius only "Hides" the object one time.. as soon as you restart the server the second time objects won't hide. Thanks for every help
  4. Good evening. I have a problem that mapped things like a hotel room or similar with me on the server not shown. becomes. I once tried Menyoo and Map Editor including Mapbuilder. Do I have to install an extension on the server for these props to be displayed correctly? I've been looking for a solution for 7 days now, but I can not get any further. I would be very grateful for a helpful answer. greetings Also in private chat, it should go beyond the scope
  5. I created a custom map with a map mod editor, I've added some items however, as I move away from the added items, and go back to them, they disappear. Can someone help me?
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