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Found 17 results

  1. Version 2.0.0


  2. GTA V Roleplay Server Entwickler Gesucht! Hallo, wir sind auf der Suche nach einem Entwickler für unseren Gta 5 Roleplay Server. Wir besitzen bereits 4 Ark Survival Evolved Server und 2 DayZ Standalone Server und möchten nun unserer Community auch einen Gta V Roleplay Server zur Verfügung stellen. Anforderungen? Du musst mindestens 18 Jahre Alt sein Kenntnisse in JS und C# besitzen Zur Kommunikation nutzen wir Teamspeak deshalb benötigst du auch ein funktionierendes Mikrofon Was bieten wir? Ein starkes Server Netzwerk schnell zu erreichende Admins Eine stätig wachsende Community Wie kann ich mich vorstellen? per Teamspeak: ( Ansprechpartner: bob ) per E-Mail: [email protected] Mit freundlichen Grüßen Die Planer, bob
  3. Wir von ProjectNine Suchen: - Clientside Entwickler mit Erfahrung in Javascript, HTML, CSS - Server Side Entwickler mit Erfahrung in C# - Serverseitig arbeiten wir mit MongoDB Zu unseren Project: Wir sind eine MultiGaming Community die anfänglich mit einen Arma 3 Project ein guten Erfolg verzeichnen konnten, wir hatten eine eigene Map und ganz eigene Modifikationen. Jetzt haben wir uns dazu beschlossen das wir zu GTA RageMP wechseln möchten. Aktuell haben wir schon ein gutes Grundgerüst, wo wir jetzt noch ein paar Feinschliffe bis zur Open Alpha brauchen, derzeit befindet sich unserer Server in der Closed Alpha. Was können wir bieten? - Ein gut funktionierendes & strukturiertes Bitbucket - Eine ganz nette Community mit einen familiären Miteinander - Ein gut funktionierendes & organisiertes Deploy-System ( Jenkins ) - Eine klar organisierte Projektleitung - Viele eigene Systeme wie zb. Leitstellensystem, Banksystem, Jobsystem, uvm. - Eine gute Infrastruktur ( Test- & Live-Umgebung ) Was erwarten wir von dir? - C# oder Javascript Grundkenntnisse - Datenbank Erfahrung (MongoDB) ( Von Vorteil ) - Ein funktionierendes Mikrofon und Teamspeak 3 Mindestalter von 18+ - Freundlichkeit, Teamfähigkeit & Vertrauenswürdigkeit - Vorteilhaft wären ein paar Grundkenntnisse mit GTA5 Voice Plugin ( Lizenz vorhanden ) Haben wir dein Interesse geweckt, wenn ja melde dich im Forum bei einen Head of V-Game Entwicklung oder im Teamspeak. Forum: Teamspeak: Mit freundlichen Grüßen SPA_Schlaefer (Head of V-Game Entwicklung)
  4. Version 1.0.0


    What is this amazing script? You are also able to control the steering (unable to set straight afterwards due to setSteeringAngle not being implemented yet) so you can move the vehicle to the side of the road. If you are an RP server then this is perfect for you! With some wizard maths, the text and position is at the correct end of each car and is based on distance (This has taken over 6 hours to get right). Configuration I have already built in configuration to set whether you can allow it on locked vehicles, low health vehicles, whether the engine is off and certain vehicle classes. These can all be configured in the config section of the file: this.config = { AllowVehicleClass: [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 18], // These are the normal vehicles in the game classes - to disable it, set it to false MaxVehicleCubedSize: 25, // This is the vehicle length * width - as an idea an ambulance is 21 LockHandbrakeProtection: false, // If set - you can't push a locked vehicle (Theft prevention or ditching cars) EngineProtection: false, // If set - you can only push if the enginer is turned off VehicleHealthProtection: false, // Must be less than 1000 or false which de-activates checking vehicle health PushEventName: false, // Set this to send an event to your server with the relevant Vehicle and Player attached (ie 'pushing_car') LabelsDisplayed: true, // Show labels near the pushing positions when close enough DebugPositions: false, // View pushing positions as markers so they are more visible AllowVehicleSteering: true, // Allows the player to turn the wheels of the vehicle using A and D keys } In Action To see how it looks working just checkout: Questions Lastly if you have any questions feel free to give me a shout on discord (wdoyle2) or respond in the comment section. This is currently not on github but more than happy to post it for any future pull requests.
  5. So everytime I join an RP server my map and phone are missing and when I open the main menu to get the full screen map Its broken. It says my character is completely off the map and it doesnt let me click around. I don't see the main Los Santos map it looks really zoomed in and there are no icons for locations. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling four times now and still have the same issue. Any suggestions are much appreciated!
  6. Помогите, не запускается лаунчер, на старой версии работает, а на новой нет.
  7. California Roleplay is a medium roleplaying server set in the Los Santos and Blaine County area. We originally created this community for a previous multiplayer modification called GTA:MP. We are looking forward to hopefully soon opening our server to the public and making Rage:MP our permanent home. Website:
  8. Hello Guys, Today i would like to introduce my first simple resource to the public people. Vehicle indicators Vehicle indicators are the main thing in role-play. Without it you can't role-play while driving or you can cause accidents. So i did that simple resource to give some help to the community You can now download it by the following link: Download Don't forget to require it in your client-side by doing: require('indicators.js') Here is a Gist to see source code Feel free to update, copy, or change in the code. I hope you enjoy the resource, if you find any bugs please post in that topic.
  9. Version 1.0


    Vehicle indicators are the main thing in role-play. Without it you can't role-play while driving or you can cause accidents. So i did that simple resource to give some help to the community Keys: Press X for Warning Lights Press left_arrow for Left indicator Press right_arrow for Right Indicator Use root's resource for synced indicators
  10. Temat zawiera multimedia z tworzenia serwera V Role Play. Jeżeli chciałbyś już pograć i zastanawiasz się czemu tak długo, możesz dołożyć swoją cegiełkę do naszego repozytorium github. Facebook: Discord: 31-05-2018
  11. I was wondering if someone would adopt the idea of scripting a Zombie Apocalypse text-based RP server? I think it’d be better on RageMP than SAMP.
  12. Hey. If you, like me, wish to create a RP server but you do not have the time to do so all by yourself then maybe this thread is for you. For the past 18 months I've been discussing and thinking of ideas for a GTA V RP server. When I finally had the knowledge to create one, it quickly became clear that I couldn't do so all by myself. The goal of the server is to create a medium RP server that balances RP with enough action, without making it seem like a RP-TDM server. We currently have a small community consisting mostly of SA-MP players. A sketch of our server plans We are working with: C# MySQL Entity Framework Core Currently looking for: C# developers JavaScript (or other) developers Front-End developers One web developer for the User Control Panel If you wish to join, you are not expected to work on it 40 hours a week. You should view it as a hobby project that could eventually turn into something great. Discord @Q.#5695
  13. Hi Guys, says it is possible from the website GTA 5 Mod to insert the Colored Map Blips in RageMP? Would be if someone could answer
  14. Is it out, and if not when?
  15. WWW Thumbnails As you guys can tell, Grand Theft Auto V got an In-Game Web-Browser, containing Websites, Images & more. So i took sometime searching for those & extracted them for your & our use. The Package contains 81 Pictures; 2,42 MB on Disk - 2,43 MB Compressed Preview: Download Link (Leads to an extern Site) Password: www_thumbnail_rageisthebestclient 😉 Any problems, feedback or questions? I'm here to help out!
  16. Will Rage Plugin Hook be supported, or at the very least, have Police Mod being supported? If LSPDFR is not working, Police Roleplay Clans flock to the old police mods. Will they be supported without crashing? Any updates on police rp be appreciated.