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Found 5 results

  1. ok simple, what am i doing wrong? Yes I am new to JS: Serverside:'testEvent',(para1,para2,para3) => { console.log('para1:'+para1); console.log('para2:'+para2); console.log('para3:'+para3); }); Clientside:'testEvent',1,2,3); Console: para1:[object Object] para2:1 para3:2 thanks for help! Hank edit: discovered
  2. Hallo, ich hätte mal ne Frage und zwar gibt es ja bei dem Client GTMP die Funktion API.onClientEventTrigger += OnClientEvent; und dann public void OnClientEvent(Client client, string eventName, params object[] arguments) { switch (eventName) { case "Example": break; } } Ich wollte Fragen aub es die Möglichkeit auch in RageMP Serverside Csharp gibt. Mit Freundlichen grüßen U1tim4te
  3. Hey, Im new to the RAGE-MP. I started moving from GT-MP and have issue with events. PlayerConnected doesn't trigger also PlayerDisconnected tells me that i have wrong number of parameters dispite using sample code. using GTANetworkAPI; namespace RP { public class ConnectionHandler : Script { [ServerEvent(Event.PlayerConnected)] public void OnPlayerConnect(Client player) { NAPI.Util.ConsoleOutput("Connected"); World.Players.Add(player, new Player(player)); } [ServerEvent(Event.PlayerDisconnected)] public void OnPlayerDisconnect(Client player, DisconnectionType type, string reason) { if(type == DisconnectionType.Left) NAPI.Chat.SendChatMessageToAll("~b~" + player.Name + "~w~ left. " + reason); World.Players.Remove(player); } } } I downloaded GTANetworkAPI version 3.6 as NuGet Package
  4. Hello, I started some days ago scripting a new server, lot of information is missing or need to be found in some external examples, but anyway, the most part I found it. But when started with clientside, I can't understand the way it works. So then, from JS called from HTML, you need to use mp.triggers(). Ok. If you call from (for example) client package "Test", file "Index.js", you can use object to access to the local player that triggered that event, ok. But the weird thing is, and my questions are : 1. In the Wiki, there are two sections on player commands, the top one (related with entities) and the bottom one ( related with ?? ), this last ones ( bottom) works well with, but the other ones I can't get them working ( apparently doesn't exists). So the first question is, how to access the first ones. 2. The second one is, if I want to sync a local even, for example an animation, from each local clientside player, do I have to do like this?? : /* Event call from server to all players */'playerStartedAnim', function(targetPlayer, animation1, animation2){ /* loop through players until find the one that wants to play animation */ mp.players.forEach(function(pl){ if( == targetPlayer){ /* play animation ??*/ pl.taskPlayAnim(animation1,animation2,8.0,1,-1,49,1.0,false,false,false); } }); }); Well, above code is not working because the question 1, so take it like an example for what I'm asking. Thanks a lot for reading and thanks for advance.
  5. Merksk8

    Add Events

    Hello, Talking in discord, I heard that there are events implemented that are not on the Wiki. Would be amazing to know them, at least a simple list with name events to test them, or if there are other way to know them, I would appreciate to know how. Thanks a lot, rage-mp seems to work perfect, so thanks for your work.