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Found 5 results

  1. REACT LABS - GAME HOSTING NEW GENERATION Website: Go to Billing panel: Go to Group VK: Go to Company "AntiDDoS Solutions LLC" Website company - RIPE - Have a problem with DDoS attacks on the game server? Do not know how to solve? Go to our game hosting, which will completely protect you from attacks and provide quality equipment! Installed Game-AntiDDoS protection - this is a special game protection developed by our engineers, which protects your game servers from the most well-known DoS attacks (SampST, SampST-U and others), in such games as: RAGE: MP (GTA 5), GTA SA: MP, GTA CR: MP , GTA MTA, MineCraft. Price - from 95$/month depending on location and project. Locations: Netherlands Germany Russia (NEW) Game projects that are already located on our hosting:: RAGE: MP (GTA 5): Los Santos Role Play Antares RPG SA-MP: Arizona Role Play (10 servers) Samp Role Play (4 servers) Evolve Role Play (3 servers) Trinity GTA (3 servers) Grand Role Play (3 servers) Bone Country (3 servers) Radmir Role Play Revent Role Play Samp-Net Role Play Premier Game - SAMP with a Russian city Looters SA-MP Android: SanTrope Role Play Online Role Play Mordor Role Play SAMP Mobile - Play GTA SAMP on your mobile! CR-MP: Radmir Role Play (7 servers) GTA Role Play (6 servers) Malinovka Role Play (4 servers) Rodina Role Play (3 servers) Namalsk Role Play URM - one project in CR-MP MTA: CCD Planet (5 servers) X PROJECT
  2. RageMP Server Hosting RageMP-Server Hosting for low budget. Server Price: 3,00 €/$ The Webinterface (Selfmade) Come to us:
  3. The answer to the future of Gameserver hosting offers in the GTA area! As one of the first providers working together with RAGE.MP, we offer you RAGE.MP Gameserver. Our offer has expanded accordingly. RAGE.MP Servers for SALE! RAGE.MP for 3,00 ,- € / $ Virtual Server for SALE! Price: 4,00 ,- € / $ SAMP Server: Price: 2,00 € / $ AND MORE! You have a Server? Add your Server to the RAGE-Network TOPLIST!! Go to: For more users! Go to
  4. Hello. I have a VPS, located in France, running on Windows Server operating system, unlimited bandwidth, powerful enough to run a RageMP server on. I'm paying monthly for it, however, I'm not making any use of it. If you have a server and need a VPS I can help you with that.
  5. On GameHosting we have following locations. Montreal Canada, Dallas USA, Paris France, then we have VPS Servers Canada and France. Game Servers are hosted on TC Admin panel that has live command line access. Game Servers have from 16 to 42 Cores and 96 to 256 GB of Memory. The ultimate performance. Rage Multiplayer Game Server Hosting Game Panel MySQL Database for Game Server Full Control of Game Server Game Panel Features Summary Server Information Control Start , Stop , Restart , RCON Backups You can create your own Backups and Restore them anytime. Sub-Users Allow start/stop/restart Reinstall server FTP Access Edit Settings Install updates Install addons Statistics Slots Uptime Resources Settings Everything from Server Name to Resources. (Automatically saves to config no need to manually edit server config via FTP) Addons Public user released resources/plugins on forum will be added here for one click install for your server. Updates Every new release of RAGE MP will be added for easy update of your server files. FTP Web FTP for quick browsing and editing allowed files Full FTP to access your server. QuickEdit Editing Server Config (Disabled by default it can be under Settings) Scheduler Start Restart Stop Backup You can automate your tasks and set them by minute, hour , day , week , month , year, at decided time to complete. Management Reinstall server to the default stage (All curent data will be ERASED) Pricing 30 slots starting at $8.90 $0.15 per additional slot Website GameHosting.Co Discord: Channel Gaming VPS: Thank you.