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Found 3 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Description: This resources provides the ability to create/control sound in 3D via custom API. Also demonstrates the ability to use custom urls (Radio streams). 3D sound should be synced automatically without the need of extra work. Notes: - This resource represents basic functioning of CEF sounds using very basic 3D implementation - This resource becomes obsolete when RAGEMP releases 1.1 dp2 which introduces 3D sound API. - This resource doesn't support local mp3 due to some reason with soundManager2. I'll look into it later... - This resource doesn't support Frontend sound atm, it's really easy to implement it yourself. API: // Client-side // FUNCTIONS, pos, volume, range, dimension) /* * url: string (Required) [Links and local package:// protocol are supported] * pos: vector3 (Required) * volume: int (Optional, Default: 1) [Range: 0 to 1] * range: int (Optional, Default: 60) [Max Range: 60] * dimension: (Optional, Default: 0) * Returns Object. * Object Properties: - id (sound's ID) - url (sound's url) - pos (sound's position) - volume (sound's volume) - range (sound's max range) - dimension (sound's dimension) - listeners (players array that are listening to the sound) - paused (If sound is paused) */, volume); /* * id (Sound's ID) * volume (sound's volume) Range (0.1 - 1) */, pos); /* * Useful for portable sound * id (Sound's ID) * pos (sound's new position) */, range); /* * id (Sound's ID) * range (Max Range 60) (Increase it by editing the maxRange...) */ // EVENTS: /* * EventName: audioFinish * params: soundID (Sound's ID that is finished Playing) */ /* * EventName: audioError * params: soundID (Sound's ID that had error), errorObject {code: 'error code', error: 'error description'} */ // Example let sound ='', pos, 60, 1, 0); sound.destroy(); // Destroys the sound sound.pause(); // Pauses the sound sound.resume(); // Resumes the sound If you have any issues or suggestions, you know the usual routine. Credits: - Thanks to George for his 3D voice method. - Thanks to soundManager 2 for bringing music to life in CEF I wish you'll enjoy some epic music.
  2. Version 1.0.1


    Internet radio over colshapes using CEF. Scope of application: custom clubs, interiors. Default location is the Galileo Observatory (behind the monument). Default radio station - Wacken Radio (DE). Installation: I. Put server files to: server-files\packages\yourGameMode II. Add require('./rStreamColshapes'); to your server's index.js III. Put client files to: client_packages then edit your client's index.js and add require('./rStream'); To change radio stream url, edit index.html here: client_packages\cef\rStream\index.html GitHub
  3. Hello, I'm trying to play custom music in game using CEF, but It only works when audio is very short (less then 10s). I'm using .ogg format and this code: function playAudio() { let myAudio = new Audio("sampel.ogg");; myAudio.volume = 0.1; } Is there any limit to using custom songs?