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Found 3 results

  1. unkaid

    Realtime Weather

    Version 1.0.0


    Server-sided script, that getting a real weather hourly and sets it in the gta 5 world. HowTo: I. Install getJSON: npm install get-json --save II. Go to and register as the Developer. III. To get your new API key, create your WeatherAPP here, On the question: "What programming language is your APP written in?" Answer will be: JavaScript. IV. Go to and find your preferred location on the map or by the search field, for example: Moscow, Russia. To set more accurate location to your preferred, click on the nearest point on the map, for me it is Yakimanka, then click on 'Hourly". V. The URL will look like this: Well, 2515350 is the Location Key that we will use further. VI. Let's assemble your AccuWeather URL: VII. Paste new AccuWeather URL into the script and save it. Warning! The Trial Version of AccuWeather is limited for 50 requests per day. GitHub
  2. Version 1.0.0


    With this simple Script you can open an UI that allows you to change the Time and Weather. Installation: 1. Copy the Files into your server-directory. 2. Add require("./weatherChanger"); to your index.js in the client_packages folder. Usage: Press F9 to open the UI.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Basic script to sync time of the game in custom cicles That script just change the time of the game based on the configuration cicle time and real life. every 0 hour and 12 hours the weather is changed in random mod to another weather. The cicle of Timeout will adjust to read the script every hour in the game. How to use: Just place de script in your server-side (Package) and change the "const cicleTime" to your size of a day cicle. Use real life minutes for that. Exemple: "30" will be 15 minutes in real life day and 15 minutes night. Notes: If you place some value in cicle time that a hour in the game last less then one minute in real life, dont will work (if you know how to fix comment please ). Future Updates: Smoth transition, show time and date on UI