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[C#] how to create custom event in one script and cal it from another.


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Download some resources from ragemp forum and experiment.


Here is an example from one of my gamemodes

// Client side
class LoginRegister : Events.Script
        public LoginRegister()
            // this event you call from CEF to get login data using mp.trigger('client:login.player', email, password);
            Events.Add("client:login.player", LoginPlayerEvent); 
        private void LoginPlayerEvent(object[] args)
            string inputedEmail = (string)args[0],
				   inputedPassword = (string)args[1];

            Events.CallRemote("server:login.player", inputedEmail, inputedPassword);

// Server side
public void LoginPlayerEvent(Player player, string email, string password)
	// Check if email and password match
	if(Database.LoginAccount(email, password))
		// Load all the player data
		var character = Database.LoadAccountFromEmail(email);
		LoadCharacterData(player, character);
		// Warn the player that his email/password is incorrect
		player.TriggerEvent("javascript:warning", "Wrong username/password.");


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Thank you Kopra for your time and reply.

But mine proble is that i want event that i call from another serverside script.

If i register RemoteEvent then (i think) i cant call it from another server side script.

I tryed to use GTANetworkApi.NAPI.LocalEvent.Register but get no luck with that... propably my skill in C# to low.

            System.Reflection.MethodInfo zMethod = this.GetType().GetMethod("ClassMethod");
            GTANetworkAPI.NAPI.LocalEvent.Register(zMethod, "ClassMethodEvent", this);


I get System.NullRefenceException on TriggerEvent.

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