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client side vehicle


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Hello. I create a transport on the server side and create an event on the client side for the transport to start the engine or turn on the headlights. But nothing works.

mp.events.add('playerJoin', (player) => {
    player.spawn(new mp.Vector3(2550.088, 4691.932, 33.618));
    var theVehicle = mp.vehicles.new(mp.joaat("hauler"), new mp.Vector3(2544.879, 4664.066, 34.076),
            numberPlate: "513485"
    theVehicle.setColor(255, 0);
    player.call('engineOn', [theVehicle]);
mp.events.add('engineOn', (theVehicle) => {
    if (theVehicle) {
        theVehicle.setEngineOn(true, true, false);


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