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DoorControl for DLC Maps


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Gettings all.


I have a custom DLC map for an interior with doors already set. I have all of the hash keys for each door that needs to be locked. I've added it to my script via


                RegisterDoor(4198287975, new Vector3(448.9846, -995.5264, 35.10376)); // door 3
                SetDoorLocked(74, true, 0);

however I run into issues where they don't load. The only way I was able to compile without a syntax error was to throw in this line of code which doesn't really help me much.

        private void RegisterDoor(uint v, Vector3 vector3)
            throw new NotImplementedException();


Since it appears that GTANetwork doesn't represent these door hashes, how can I implement them into the script easily so I can utilize them? Is it something as simple as creating a local variable for them? Could someone please give me one example if you can so I can run with it?


Much appreciated.

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