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mp.peds.newLegacy is not a function


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Im new to RAGE MP scripting and at the basics in the moment. I want to spawn a ped but when my Player connects to the Server i get the Clientside script error: gamemode/modules/npc1:2: TypeError: mp.peds.newLegacy is not a function.


this is my code which i got directly from the wiki:

let ped = mp.peds.newLegacy(mp.game.joaat('a_c_dolphin'), new mp.Vector3(1000, 100, 10), 0, ped => {
    // Called when the ped is streamed in
    ped.setProofs(false, false, false, false, false, false, false, false); 
}, 0);

maybe im just to dumb to see my mistake maybe there is something i doesnt know. Any help is appreciated.



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