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Script doesn't work like in the video


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Hi! I started to learn RageMP developing not a long time ago, and I tried to learn on the Youtube. I followed the steps of this video, but the result is very difference:

(3) OnPlayerConnect, OnPlayerSpawn, OnPlayerRespawn, OnPlayerDeath not working *FIX* - YouTube

I know there were updates, and I will put here some screenshots just to show what do I have done different:

1. The Class library. In the video I saw Class librery (.Net Core), but I don't have that, and I thought the Class library is his alternativa


2. In the video is .Net Core 2.0, but I know that I have to use 3.1


3.The coniguration:


4.I add the GTAnetwork Nuget, I tried as well to delete it, as the guy done in the video

5.The script:


6.The console ("This works" doesn't show up):



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