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Client high RAM usage?


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So since 1.1 launch on the main GTA RP server I play it seems that my RAM usage has been at about 68-72% RAM Usage. 40% of this RAM usage comes from RageMP. Now, my PC is only using 11GB of 16GB so it shouldn't be a problem right?

However this is very wrong. As I have two screens, when I have a webpage up on the second green AND playing RageMP even if I'm tabbed out (on window borderless) - it stutters. It's hard to type or scroll through a webpage without it stuttering like mad. However, RageMP closes - boom back to normal.

So I went digging and found this in my processes.



Now, when I begin closing programs on my PC (ultimately to reduce my RAM usage a tiny bit) - miraculously this fixes the lag, and I can use my second monitor while playing RageMP - however I never had to do this with the 0.3.7 version of the server I use to play, therefore I assume its the 1.1 client / 1.1 serverside version causing the high RAM usage.

As you can see, there are 7 sub-processes for RageMP, 4 social club UIs and one actual "Rage Multiplayer".

Any permanent fix to this would be appreciated, or even an acknowledgement by the Devs this is known and being worked on. Appreciate the help everyone!


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