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Cannot Spawn addon Car in RAGEMP


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i read every tutorial i can found in the the internet and did everything according to them. I downloaded a Mod from GTa 5 mods.com and encrypted it via ArchiveFx after that i put the data in a new rpf archive that is called dlc. i also encrypted that. NOw i put this new dlc.rpf in /ragemp/server-files/game_resources/dlcpacks in a folder that is called like the vehicle hash in the xml data of the mod. 


Now if i start the server i see that the client side weight has increased but i cannot spawn the car via /veh ... my command looks like this:

        public void CMD_veh(Player player, string vehName)
                VehicleHash vehHash = NAPI.Util.VehicleNameToModel(vehName);

                if(vehHash == 0)
                    player.SendChatMessage("Ungültiger Vehicle Name!");

                Vehicle veh = NAPI.Vehicle.CreateVehicle(vehHash, player.Position, player.Rotation, 5, 5);
                player.SetIntoVehicle(veh, 0);
                player.SendNotification("Fahrzeug gespawnt!");

i have defenitely now ide left what i am doing wrong. Maybe someone here can help me tho.

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