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How to install RAGE Multiplayer


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This is a small guide on how to install RAGE Multiplayer correctly. If you have any questions or issues, post a thread in our support section.


Step 1
The first thing you have to do is download RAGE Multiplayer. You can do that by clicking here. Save this file anywhere on your computer.


Step 2
Open the file. This will open the installer. You will first be met by our license agreement screen, which you have to read through and accept if you want to continue.



Step 3
After clicking on the 'I Agree' button, you will now be prompted to enter the location you want to install RAGE Multiplayer in. We recommend that you install RAGE Multiplayer anywhere other than your GTA V directory. By default it will select your OS drive and install it in a separate folder.

You can either manually type a location or click on the 'Browse' button if you want to navigate to a different location (1). Once you're done, click on 'Install' (2).



Step 4
It will automatically download all required files and install RAGE Multiplayer for you. This will also automatically create a shortcut on your desktop. Once the installation has finished, click on 'Next'.



Step 5
The installation has now finished. You can uncheck the box (1) if you do not want RAGE Multiplayer to automatically start after you close the installation. Click on 'Finish' (2) when you're ready to finish the installation.



Step 6
Double click the shortcut on your desktop to run RAGE Multiplayer. It will run the updater and update your game if necessary.



Step 7
RAGE Multiplayer is now ready to be used. You can click on the 'Settings' button to change your nickname or GTA V directory.




Step 8
That's it! You're ready to play RAGE Multiplayer.

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