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Blips are not deleted


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Hello, I'm trying to make a Gangwar gamemode and I'm having some problems with Blips. I create blips with a command, that's fine but there's a problem, when I log out and log in again the blip is beign duplicated. I have this code, for when the player enter to the server the blips must be deleted (but not):

function clearBlips() {
    let last_blip = natives.GET_FIRST_BLIP_INFO_ID(5)
    while (natives.DOES_BLIP_EXIST(last_blip)) {
        last_blip = natives.GET_NEXT_BLIP_INFO_ID(5)
        mp.gui.chat.push("blip deleted");

everytime I login to the server, the message of blip deleted is showed but it's showed as many times as blips I have, but blips don't disappear.

I'm callling this function inside a clientside event from the server:



When the player logins. I only get the map empty of blips if I close RageMP and open again (restarting the server doesn't work).

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Posted (edited)
17 hours ago, MrPancakers said:

You need to show how you're creating the blips too cause then you could possibly be given a better way to be clearing blips.

Hey, I'm using this code

// Serverside (zones.js)

createZone: function(player, name){
	let playerPos = player.position;
	let turf = {
		turfName: name
		pos: new mp.Vector3(playerPos.x, playerPos.y, playerPos.z),
		factOwnId: 1,
		color: 37,
		rotation: player.heading
		// I don't know if this is really necessary, all the online players	must see the blip (is this correct?)
	mp.players.forEach((CurrentPlayer) => {			
		CurrentPlayer.call('client:createZoneFromServer', [JSON.stringify(turf)]);

// Clientside (zones.js)
mp.events.add('client:createZoneFromServer', (obj) => {
	obj = JSON.parse(obj);
	let color = obj.color;
	let turfBlip = mp.game.ui.addBlipForRadius(obj.pos.x, obj.pos.y, 1, 50);
	natives.SET_BLIP_SPRITE(turfBlip, 5);
	natives.SET_BLIP_ALPHA(turfBlip, 70);
	natives.SET_BLIP_COLOUR(turfBlip, color);
	natives.SET_BLIP_ROTATION(turfBlip, obj.rotation);
	obj.colShape = mp.colshapes.newSphere(obj.pos.x, obj.pos.y, obj.pos.z, 50, 0);
	gangZones.push({blip: turfBlip, idTurf: obj.turfName});
	gangZoneSphere.push({sphere: obj.colShape});


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Not entirely sure if it's something, but is there a reason the blips just aren't being created server-side, does the blips your making need to use addBlipForRadius to function how you want it to?

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I think it's because you have to create blips like so:


mp.blips.new(sprite, position,
    name: name,
    scale: scale,
    color: color,
    alpha: alpha,
    drawDistance: drawDistance,
    shortRange: shortRange,
    rotation: rotation,
    dimension: dimension,
    radius: radius,

Any other way of creating blips will not reset them at re-connect.

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