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Help with JS exports


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I'm fairly new to RAGEMP development using JS


So i have this function 

sql.js : 

module.exports = function SQLQuery(player,sql,returning = 0)
    connection.query(sql, function (err,result) {
    if (err) {
      console.log('[SQL-ERROR] : ' + err);  
      throw err;
    //do stuff
    if(returning != 0)
      return result;

//or exporting using this >> module.exports.SQLQuery = SQLQuery();


im trying to read the "results" I've returned from the SQLQuery function in my LoginReg.JS file

which looks like this :

const sql = require("./mysql.js")();

function SocialClubCheck(player,clubid)
     var exists = sql.SQLQuery(player,`SELECT COUNT * FROM accounts WHERE rockstar_id = ${clubid}`,1);
    if(exists[0] != 0 )
        console.log(`account with ${clubid} FOUND! `);
        console.log(`account with ${clubid} NOT FOUND! `);



but i don't think I'm doing it the right way


i keep getting this error : 

TypeError: Cannot read property 'SQLQuery' of undefined
     var exists = sql.SQLQuery(player,`SELECT COUNT * FROM accounts WHERE rockstar_id = ${clubid}`,1);


i would like any kind of hints of what am i doing wrong here



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