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Serverseitig in cs

die zahl 61 steht für das Blip aussehen   https://wiki.rage.mp/index.php?title=Blips

z.b Krankenhaus ist der Name der angezeigt wird



using GTANetworkAPI;
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Text;

namespace RPState.Blips
    public class Krankenhaus : Script
        public Blip CreateMarker(uint sprite, Vector3 position, float scale, byte color, string name = "", byte alpha = 255, float drawDistance = 0, bool shortRange = true, short rotation = 0, uint dimension = uint.MaxValue)
            Blip blip = NAPI.Blip.CreateBlip(sprite, position, scale, color, name, alpha, drawDistance, shortRange, rotation, dimension);
            return blip;

        public Krankenhaus()
             CreateMarker(61, new Vector3(1840.412, 3670.306, 33.7011), 0.8f, 1, "Krankenhaus");
             CreateMarker(61, new Vector3(304.7992, -1435.226, 29.56051), 0.8f, 1, "Krankenhaus");
             CreateMarker(61, new Vector3(367.322, -590.4484, 28.4659), 0.8f, 1, "Krankenhaus");
             CreateMarker(61, new Vector3(-468.6577, -333.4573, 34.12247), 0.8f, 1, "Krankenhaus");
             CreateMarker(61, new Vector3(1152.221, -1527.989, 34.8434), 0.8f, 1, "LSMS");


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