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Amnestic RAGEMP GTA SERVER - Looking for Department/Team Members


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The Amnestic Server is looking for Team Members
What kind of server is it?
Our server is going to be whitelisted hardcore realistic roleplay. With 2 states, politics, gangs, companies, devices (laptops, servers, phones etc.) and more. Our idea is to make a roleplay server not an automated roleplay server. That means that specific things like gangs, do not have a special system and can just be made up in the roleplay like in Real life.
What does hardcore realistic roleplay mean?
We are trying to create the most fun and safe role-play environment. That's why it is hardcore roleplay, it means you can't just leave the RP scene, you must play a real person and connect with the character that you are playing.
What is the difference between the first state and the second state?
Every state has its own laws and language. We have a German and English state. You can travel around if there is no war.
What departments do you have?
English State:
  • FAF (Federal Armed Forces)
  • FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation)
  • LSPD (Los Santos Police Department)
  • LSFD (Los Santos Fire Department)
  • EMS (Emergency Medicine Specialist)  
German State:
  • BDW (Bundeswehr)
  • SEK (Sondereinsatzkommando)
  • LPD (Landes Polizei Behörde)
  • BF (Berufs Feuerwehr) 
  • RD (Rettungsdienst)
What team members do you look for?
(This is not paid since the server will not make any income at first, I understand many people do not want to work unpaid! So just do it if you are actually interested.)
Division Leader
The Division Leader is the Leader of a specific game in the Amnestic Network. Applying for this you, would make you the Division Leader of the GTA Server. You are under the actual Leader, but you work on managing the team members, and managing the server.
RAGEMP Developer
If you code in JavaScript and you have knowledge in working with the RAGEMP Api we are looking for you. Your job would be to code special scripts for the server which would be given to you by the Division Leader or the Leader.
If you know how to make maps for GTA, you are perfect for this job. No matter if interior or exterior. We just need realistic mappings, from police stations to apartment mlos.
What department members do you look for?
(This is not paid since it is a roleplay department you take over.)
Whether you are a real police man or someone that has very much experience with the police. You can apply for this department. Both departments are looking for a Police Chief! Your job will be to catch criminals and help the people of Los Santos/Blaine County.
The military is looking for a Commander and people applying for the military job. Your job will be to protect the city of Los Santos or Blaine County.
The special forces of both states are in need of a Director and a team of hard working people. Your job will be to fight against villains and help the LSPD/LPD.
The Fire Department are also looking for a Chief and people brave enough to fight against the fire. Your job will be to extinguish the fires of Los Santos/Blaine County.
The EMS is here for the safety of people and looking for a director and doctors and paramedics. Your job is to save people from death.
I accept Discord: Laxo#8219, but I would prefer email for team applications.
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