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Looking for experienced developer.


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Looking for experienced developer who will like to spend their time to complete this project is needed for a new English roleplay voice and text based server for my country.



We are still planning however some of the specifics but mainly below are the core features

  • Civilian job system,
  • law system,
  • turf system,
  • Medical system
  • Customizable cars,
  • f4 factions menu,
  • vehicle buy and sell yards
  • map zones,
  • custom interiors house, complex,
  • every object being interactable,
  • house address system,
  • building system that could be use within interiors and exterior, 
  • in-game phone that will have in-coming, outgoing, text chats,
  • an inventory system that allows you to drop, pickup items and move different items into your equipped weapons spot and equipped clothing. 
  • stores with products and ingredients  that you can cook at your apartment/business,
  • impounding car system,
  • in game credit store which would sell custom cars and custom clothing 
  • banks with pin codes, tax and salaries, 
  • Barber shop
  • tattoo shop
  • clothing shop
  • stores
  • radios with 1000 frequencies 
  • in-game police tac radio 
  • fast animations with crouch as (c) and radio as (r)


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