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[GunGame] SevenGG - Rage1.1 - Take a break from RP and kill'em all! - free-for-all


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About SevenGG

SevenGG is a Gun Game mode server based on RageMP 1.1, published by SevenWorld. The game consists of 32 players competing in a free-for-all style game. As players get more kills, the player will receive different weapons. However, gunstock kills do not advance the killer to a new weapon. The first person to achieve a kill with all 18 weapons and total number of 36 kills (Some weapons needs more then one kill) becomes the winner.

Take a break from Role Play, release your stress and kill'em all!

by Chef & GL1TCH1337 - a SevenWorld server

Click for Discord



Weapons, Kill Counts

Pistol (3 Kills) > Pistol.50 (2 Kills) > Pumpshotgun (2 Kills)

DB Shotgun (3 Kills) Micro SMG (2 Kills) > Assault SMG (2 Kills)

CombatPDW (2 Kills) > Gusenberg (2 Kills) > MachinePistol (2 Kills)

AssaultRifle (3 Kills) > CompactRifle (2 Kills) > MG (2 Kills)

CombatMG (3 Kills) > SniperRifle (3 Kills) > HeavySniper (2 Kills)

RPG (1 Kill) > Machete (1 Kill)



Server Details

Per Round 15mins

💣18 Weapons

🗺5 Maps

🎉ONE Winner!



Server Systems

📝Online Registration

👩🏻👦🏻Character Creator

🥼Clothes and Accesories

📊Top10 Stats (on Discord) or (/top10)

📈Personal Stats (/stats)

💻Online Menu (z)

📩Kill Message (/km)


Server Informations

Join our Discord server and stay Up-to-date! 

Server opening very soon!

Click for Discord

https://discord.gg/wrS6NBY6zg )








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