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[C# client] Can't change ped hair color


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Hi, i'm working on a character creator, and whenever I change my hair color value on my UI, I see it in my game console, but the color never changes...

Here's the code:

private void ChangePedHair(object[] args)
  myPed.SetComponentVariation(2, (int)args[0], 0, 2);
  myPed.SetHairColor((int)args[1], 0);

My args[0] is my hair style which changes correctly and my args[1] is my hair color that i change from my UI.

Thank you :)

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player.SetCustomization( (is male / true:false) , HeadBlend, (int) EyeColor, (int) HairColor, (int) HairHighlightColor, FaceFeatures, HeadOverlay, new Decoration[0]);


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