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[C# Server] Can't set up working environment correctly.


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Really basic question and I didn't want to take to the forums for it but I've been struggling for days on this.


I've tried following tutorials on youtube and the wiki on RageMP C# Server setup for 1.1 but to no avail. I just want to get into the c# programming aspect.


With my attempt using Visual Studio, I followed a tutorial from outworldly experience on rageMP 1.1 setting up your working environment. I followed it to a tea but when it came to run it, I was given this error prompt:


The target process exited without raising a CoreCLR started event. Ensure that the target process is configured to use .NET Core. This may be expected if the target process did not run on .NET Core. The program '[15716] ragemp-server.exe' has exited with code -1073740791 (0xc0000409)


During my wiki attempt using Visual Studio Code, I followed it all once again to a tea however, after running it, the server launched but nothing was printed into the server console. 

Any help is much appreciated.spacer.png



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