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issue with CEF chat


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hi all, i'm trying to use a cef chat to replace the default chat, to get a reference i used

to see how it would work. however when a message is sent, it doesn't log to the custom chat. i haven't changed the source code for sending messages so it's running 

mp.invoke("chatMessage", msg).


server side i have the following:

mp.events.add("playerChat", (player, msg) =>{




i've tried changing chatMessage to playerChat, and adding a chatMessage event handler as well. are there any differences between these two? i can't find reference to it on the docs (chatMessage)

i'm sort of confused—i have the default chat disabled and in the package index.js the cef chat is being used a the chatbox. is there any additional configuration needed? am i doing something wrong? commands aren't outputted to the chatbox either. i'm not sure if i'm handling it wrong or what. hope this makes sense, thanks

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