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Eclipse Roleplay will not open.


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After the GTA update I am not able to launch Eclipse Roleplay. When I click on the server it brings me to a screen where it says "Downloading server assets 1MB left" then it takes around 5 minutes before it says "launching game" After the game launches immediately after it pops up with this error. https://imgur.com/1W4DJXY  

I have:

Verified GTA Files

Deleted "Client Resources" 

Reinstalled Rage MP 3 times

Ran story mode and GTA online multiple times (everything worked good)

Ran steam and Rage MP as administrators.

Turned off overlays on everything. (Steam, Discord, Shadow Play.)

Checked if it was being blocked by an antivirus protection software.

Checked if I had visual c++ redistributable for visual studio 2015 and .NET Framework 4.6.2 (both I did) 


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I am facing a similar issue after updating RAGE MP to the latest version and now I can't connect to Eclipse with any of the previous IP's. I don't see any server even after searching. (There was one showing earlier - It was a GB server with the same information and website but although it doesn't let me connect and only 66 players were there. Now that server can't be connected.)

I have already contacted the Founder's to respond on this issue to get updated information on it. I'd share with you as soon as I get a response from them.


Ballu Miaa

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