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Server start problems on VPS


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Hello i have problem with RAGE:MP server on my vps

[Pterodactyl Daemon]: Checking server disk space usage, this could take a few seconds...
[Pterodactyl Daemon]: Updating process configuration files...
[Pterodactyl Daemon]: Ensuring file permissions are set correctly, this could take a few seconds...
container@pterodactyl~ Server marked as starting...
[Pterodactyl Daemon]: Pulling Docker container image, this could take a few minutes to complete...
Pulling from parkervcp/pterodactyl-images 
Digest: sha256:59f4ac7277eb5b1866ca1c963ce93a1ddc05d770f69404b02a96add105eb0923 
Status: Image is up to date for quay.io/parkervcp/pterodactyl-images:debian_dotnet 
[Pterodactyl Daemon]: Finished pulling Docker container image
:/home/container$ ./ragemp-server
[INFO] Starting RAGE Multiplayer server...

||      MaxPlayers              50
||      Sync rate               40ms
||      Name                    Gamenation.eu RAGE:MP Unofficial server
||      Gamemode                freeroam
||      Streaming distance      500
||      Announcement            disabled
||      Voice chat              disabled
||      Address       
||      Connection limits       disabled
||      Encryption              enabled
||      NodeJS                  enabled
||      C#                      disabled

sh: 1: vmstat: not found
[INFO] Loading NodeJS packages...
[INFO] Starting packages...
[DONE] Server packages have been started.
[DONE] Started resource transfer server at 22006 port.
[DONE] Client-side packages weight: 0.000000 MB (uncompressed: 0.000000 MB).
[INFO] Initializing networking...
[ERROR] Networking failed to start.  Terminating..
container@pterodactyl~ Server marked as offline...

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