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Map Blips - Help


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So im trying to make map blips but this just dont work from the wiki.

Blip NAPI.Blip.CreateBlip(uint/int sprite, Vector3 position, float scale, byte color [, string name = "", byte alpha = 255, float drawDistance = 0, bool shortRange = false, short rotation = 0, uint dimension = NAPI.GlobalDimension ]);

This is what I did.

            int sprite = 434;
			float range = 0;
            byte color = 2;
            string name = "Los Santos Bank";
            byte alpha = 255;
            float drawDistance = 0;
            bool shortRange = false;
            short rotation = 0;
            uint dimension = NAPI.GlobalDimension;
            Blip LSBank = NAPI.Blip.CreateBlip(323, new Vector3(1, 1, 1), range, color, name, alpha, drawDistance, shortRange, rotation, dimension);


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