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Looking to hire a Developper/Coder for RageMP server


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KZone || Killzone Roleplay is a Vietnam-based RageMP roleplaying project.

We are currently seeking able and talented Developper to help us makes our project comes true. Although we are a purely Vietnamese communities our team of project staff is highly capable of communicating in English and even some other languages (Japanese and Chinese) but we prefer English.

We work under UTC/GMT+7 Timezone . We will respect your personal time-zone, medical conditions, religious background (if any listed) to work on our tasks and all we ask of you is to devote your effort and your available time to our project,

Our task's description will be as detailed as possible and we will try our best to intepret our desired tasks in order to achieve the best result, 

We are also very open to different suggestions and approach in solving problems so do feel free to discuss if our task seems unreasonable and/or impossible to perform.

Your responsibilities will be:

  • Writing and help Implementing codes/scripts to our server (we do have our own developper but his field is limited)
  • Bug fixing and troubleshooting
  • Keeping up to date with RAGEMP's updates and maintenance, system updates
  • Ensuring the quality of the given task's result. 

Requirements and Skills:(*)


  • HTML and CSS
  • JavaScript, React.js, node.js
  • MongoDB
  • Working with Rage: MP
  • Discord for communications
  • Experiences with implementing and or developping mods for RAGE:MP

(*): We can discuss more about your skillset if there are some lacking within our requirements

Personal Qualities:

  • Honesty
  • Good communication skills
  • Fluent English
  • No Puns
  • Ok...maybe a little bit puns
  • No Racism or Political debates
  • Don't be a dick.


We give you the task - Negotiate prices and payment plan(**) - You finish the task within or at the deadline - Evaluate & Testing - We Pay(*)

(*): Payment will purely depends on the quality and whether or not the task's requirement was achieved and the success of implementing in to the server

(**): Visa and Paypal will be the best for us

For Contact please email me at : [email protected] 
Or Reach out in Discord : It's Jack.#0706 (Yes, with the '. and everything)

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