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All Resources for Clothing Shops 1.0.0 DE/EN


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Every developer needs clothing-shops on there server!
So i made the Resource (3xShops) for Rootcause's "clothing-shops 1.0.0" in german and english!

I used the wiki ,witch is actully prety up-to-date i hope, to gather all the resources. it took me some hours but i think this is worth an upload!

I didn't use the actual names from here cause i have no real clue on how to get em into my Json ... maybe someday or by Hand? 🙄

Feel free to report Bugs directly to me. I checkd "everything" atleast 3x but there are always bugs. 😃

I will keep this Resource up-to-date!

Last Update: 27.08.2021 - 1.0.0



Dont try to put all the Items in one big shop the game (or native-ui?) can't handle it, I tryed!

I hope someone can use it for theier needs 😃

Do what you want with it and have fun.

-> Download: here <-


put the files into "Server\packages\clothing-shops\shops" from "de" or "en"





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