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CCRP Development. (Realistic Roleplay Server)


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If you are a roleplayer, please take 5 minutes of your time to read this. 

     My name is JimVance, I'm the founder of CCRP, currently a roleplay server in closed beta development.  Our founding staff are made up of experienced roleplayers who share a vision in changing the way people are used to roleplaying in GTAV servers.  It has been our primary goal to construct an environment where roleplay is actually so profoundly realistic that people actually enjoy staying in character from the moment they log in, to the moment they log out.  From the moment they join our server to the moment they leave.  We're trying to make this server as close to a real life simulation as we can. 

     Everyone will have something to do.  If you are not trying to be part of our development team, we will need you to test the script by roleplaying, although roleplay may not be the priority over development at this point in the beginning stages.   We want everyone to make observations and suggestions that will improve gameplay from a player point of view.

     All players will be considered testers in this phase of our server.  You want to roleplay a hard working civilian?  We have listed more than 15 scriptable jobs for our roadmap we'd like you to test.  Landscaping, lineman, fisherman, sanitation workers,  that's just the regular stuff.  You want to roleplay a judge?  Good, we'll have our own strictly-in game court system for people who are involved in law enforcement.  THAT also needs to be tested. We have beautiful system surrounding a collection of evidence, a ticketing system, a well functioning MDC, our own personally added prison MLO, and of course plenty of opportunity for players to be able to occupy our prisons.  We'll have scripted in criminal jobs and items that will allow players to start their own economy surrounding crime.  We have it set up so that every time someone commits a crime, their very actions and behaviors determine if they get caught, convicted and incarcerated, so we need to be sure our server can handle this type of procedural roleplay for a prolonged period of time.  It'll be a lot like playing a character in a movie that everyone's a part of.  People's own storyline will form within one another's.  Everybody roleplays a character that fits as a cog to a machine that cannot stop once it gets started.  There will be no double standards, there will be no removing groups that have built what they had for months, even years.  The admins are not here to tear down what we expected you all to create.  

   Biker gangs.  Mobs.  Gangs.  Law enforcement gangs.  Vigilantes.  Homeless.  Street racers.  Lawyers.  It could be anything.  Whatever it is, if you want to roleplay it, we openly welcome you to come try it here because it is a safe haven for creative people to build long term character development and fun factions here.  We need people in our closed beta before we release our server to the public.  It needs players, it needs good developers and it needs people who are ready to embrace our level of commitment to our project.

     We need people who are skilled in Vue/Javascript HTML/CSS in order to be a developer for our server.  Someone who can follow the directions of our head developers and can be available when emergencies arise.

     We need roleplayers who take pride in their hobby and would like to invest time on our server for the sake of it's improvement.  The people who understand and are interested in our concept and would like to see it go places nobody's ever been.


    To get in contact, Please add me on discord.  Send me a PM and I will give you my discord info.  I'm interested in getting only the best people on board, whether you want to be a developer or a player/tester.  Please be older than 18 and please be mature. 

Here's the CCRP forums. https://classic-crp.com/forums/index.php
Here's my discord, easiest way to get in contact with me.  JimVance#6512

Thank you for your time.

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Good luck with this! 2022 is going to be a new year for text roleplaying servers. ONE SEVER has had the entire market for years but with the rise of three, now four with CCRP, promising text servers, I believe that 2022 will be the year where all these servers will have to compete hard to keep their player base. It'll no longer be a one server dictatorship state for text roleplay on the V platform. 


Haters gonna hate but I can see that you put great work into this server and I wish you all the best!

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We're also looking for mappers and front end scripters to help speed along the process, so if there's anyone interested, please contact me.  Free work is never expected.  We'll be releasing the community discord after we've released our third update, and we're ready for open play.  Until then, please add me personally on discord, I'm really looking to coordinate on a personal level until we can build. 

Thank you for the good wishes, I really appreciate the spirit.  :)
We've worked pretty hard over a long period of time and we've hardwired this realism theme into our agenda on a brand new level.

The last thing we're concerned about is haters, we love them too.  😇😇

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