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"Animation" Subsystem Showcase


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Something I put together after getting partially annoyed at while loops and doing math on a per-section basis; And decided to create a sub-system entirely dedicated to moving elements, scaling elements and rotating elements; So far these are the "Elements" that are either completed to a point I'm happy with or at a point where they partially function as intended..

Currently its either a gradual increase or decrease in position or scale; I do intend to add the ability to use Curves on a per-element basis; But that's not something I consider a priority currently.

Here's a video


Shown Elements

- Text
- Sprite
- "Spinner", because I got bored and ADHD kicked in and I made it.

There is a "Rectangle" element, but frankly its boring... Its just a box. Most elements scale and position based on the user resolution and safezone, so should always be "Rendered" on screen.

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