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Development for Five-RP has been a busy time so far. We have had a great head start with a great base providing us with a small file size game mode with HIGH capability.
The guts of the game mode is written in event driven C#. Without in-game sync being (I can confidently say this) just that perfect amount better then other servers. We have some incredible server architecture behind the scenes with an industry standard setup and expand ability to beyond expected player base. But that's the technical stuff, and little do people care for it when there are rich features to be shown.

We currently have the basis of our job system allowing you to be the mailman, or maybe even a garbage truck driver, delivery driver? No problem, we have that. Fishing is in game through a very fun mini-game, and don't worry, hunting is on its way! What other jobs? Well our group system being illegal, legal & generic factions allows for a player to build a business, hire people and set out to work, players are paid from the business funds & the owner is paid via entities sold inside the business, we are looking to expand this system to so that owners are paid based on ROLE PLAY like activity within their business. This will be coming soon.

This is pretty standard nowadays, our factions align with these expectations. We look to implement some more unique RP features but stay tuned for that. We are looking for a more in-depth fire fighting system (Improve on the existing one), an advanced enforcement system (Creation of forensics, intelligence & border control elements) As well as a VERY different illegal direction, taking illegal factions from medium size to global based. (Advancing illegal role play will push enforcement to do the same)

Properties, Businesses & Interiors:

Well this one is a time consuming beast, but we are on it, currently we have a full interior design system for furniture based items, furniture has use, whether it be storage of weapons, clothing etc.

We also have the ability to build our own custom maps. Players can place a YMAP download straight into our server for your own interiors (Allowing players to design their own interior how they prefer to map)

A huge thanks to Kazar & Maxwell for the implementation of over 1000 properties thus far.
Our next focus here is to advance our building system to allow in-game map editing on a whole new level. Just another thing to stay tuned for…
Also you can mow your lawn, pretty elite.

Vehicles are as expected, with little twists here and there. I will skip explaining them and see about peoples thoughts when they jump into one!


We try to post our latest and greatest features in our #showcase channel on discord! Join today to stay up to date!

We're Very Rapidly Approaching Launch!

Come Join The Community And Stay Up To Date On The Latest Info!


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