ReduxPlay old source code

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ReduxPlay old source code.


Source code:

1) Server-side:

2) Client-side:

3) CEF


Installation guide:

1) Install mongodb

2) Import dump 

mongoimport --db ragemp --collection users --file usersD.json
mongoimport --db ragemp --collection bus --file busD.json

3) Install typescript and compile server

Known issues:

  • Gamemode is not finished, the server has only basic functions, also an unfinished CEF
  • Part of the database was lost
  • It wasn't really tested on 0.3.2
  • It's Russian now, however feel free to contribute!





(more to be added)

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On 3/15/2018 at 12:20 AM, Ted Jr. said:

Can someone tell me if this gamemode is working after so long?

If you want something "newer" than this then try WiredPlayers from Xabi.

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